The themes are not consistent after upgrade to gnome 42 in stable update 2022-05-13

Hi Community,

I am using Manajro Gnome and I have upgraded from pacman -Syu today. After the upgrade, I found my app themes are not consistent.

Here are screenshots:

and in my gnome tweaks, the themes are configured as below

and /etc/environment configuration as below

# This file is parsed by pam_env module
# Syntax: simple "KEY=VAL" pairs on separate lines




# Force to use Xwayland backend

#Not tested: this should disable window decorations


I have searched the forum, but I haven’t figured out what happened here.

Thanks in advance

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sorry for posting in wrong place, I will repost in this link :joy:

No, just read the update announcements:
…about gnome.

Actually, I have read it and found some blogs already.

but with no luck :joy:

Are you sure you read that post linked above?

Gtk 4 theming and Libadwaita

Unfortunately, there will be no custom theming available for Libadwaita applications. However, once the Libadwaita Recoloring API is implemented, we should be able to add Maia to the color palette.

I suggest installing the adw-gtk-theme from our community repo to make all Gtk applications have a matching theme. In Tweaks, set the Legacy Applications theme to Adw or Adw-dark. I recommend setting the Shell theme to Default or another shell theme you prefer that has GNOME 42 support.

To automatically switch the system theme and legacy application theme when toggling between the Light and Dark style in Settings, install the Legacy (GTK3) Theme Scheme Auto Switcher extension (gnome-shell-extension-legacy-theme-auto-switcher).

Qt application theming
For Qt application theming, we have switched back to QGnomePlatform for GNOME 42. qt5ct and qt6ct (Qt Configuration Utilities) may be marked as orphans. If you want to use QGnomePlatform with the Adwaita Qt style, you’ll need remove or comment the QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME variable in /etc/environment. You’ll want both qgnomeplatform and qgnomeplatform-qt6 for Qt 5 and Qt 6 applications.

New Adwaita folder icon style
If you want the new Adwaita folder icon style with Papirus, you can use papirus-folders to set it:

For example, with Papirus-Dark:

papirus-folders -C adwaita --theme Papirus-Dark

There were major changes in GNOME, regarding themes. Remove your customizations wherever you placed them (environment variables, things like that), reconfigure everything as explained and enjoy GNOME as they want you to use it for now. You probably can’t get to where you were before, because everything changed regarding themes.

Thanks for your help.

I did read that post, and you are right, I want to get everything that looks like it before. So as this major change was brought by Gnome, I just change the theme to adw-gtk3.
And I am still looking for a solution to bring qt style back for qt apps

Next major GNOME update may bring some more customization. Should be at the end of the year.

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Maybe I’m just a noob, but what about downgrading GNOME until the next update fixes this issue?

There are not one only Gnome package involved, but several.
And a rolling release goes towards, not backwards.

Edit: and for a “fix”, one could hope for the end of 2022. Its ok for a fixed distro to hold updates for such a long time, not a rolling release.

And that’s in the hope that it would actually be fixed. The more I know Gnome, the more I believe their devs like to break all that worked before at each newer version.

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