The system enters a single letter an infinite number of times

I have the problem, that the system sometimes enters a single letter an infinite number of times.

It appears as following:

  1. I am clicking in an arbitrary text-field in any application
  2. As if by magic, the same keystrokes are repeatedly inserted into the text field very quickly. You just can watch the field getting filled up. For me it is usually the number 8.
    It appears like: 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 and so on.
  3. Behavior stops when I am pressing any other button.

The same thing happens then at the next text-field.

I can temporarily workaround this with a reboot.
I have seen this with different Kernel Versions, with and without Wireless Keyboards.

Would be super helpful if someone knows where to start searching for the culprit.

When my laptop did that it was overheating and throwing keyboard events. So the prognosis doesn’t look good.

Well I don’t have an overheating issue :slight_smile:
So this is rather not the case.

It is relatively certain a software thingy but I cannot find where this is originating from.

Another possibility is that you have a sticky 8. :8ball:

Cleaning the keyboard/pad/whatever might help.

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You seem sure :wink:

But to us it seems more like hardware. The problem is that if you look for errors in the software that are there in the hardware, it results in a frustratingly long search.

  • Does it happen with a live manjaro ?
  • Does it happen with an new created user ?
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The thing is it happens only occasionally and stops appearing after a reboot.
It also only happens, when the system has been in sleep mode beforehand.

I am also using the same keyboard(s) with a parallel installed windows distribution and it is not happening there. This makes me doubt a hardware problem to be honest.

This is also the only systematic I can provide here and this makes it really hard to debug as I cannot provoke the problem to happen.

Yeah, thought so as well and cleaned them off at first hand. But I am happy to do this again. Never hurts.