The substitution construct $() in hot keys does not work.

The substitution construct does not work in hotkeys configured through the standard interface: "keyboard + shortcuts + Custom shortcuts" in the desktop environment of "Cinnamon".

At the moment, they are interested in elementary screenshots through:

import -window root /home/arch/Pictures/Screenshots/$(date +%F).png

I am almost sure that this is a service problem that needs to be reported, but just in case, I still asked a clarifying question.

Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.2.13-arch1-1-ARCH
DE: Cinnamon 4.2.4

You're running Arch (or at least, Arch kernels). What makes you think it is a Manjaro problem, and why are you not posting this question in the Arch Forum???


That's a Bash Command Substitution. Are you sure the bash/shell is involved here? Use a script if necessary.

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This is poor info. If anything, post terminal input/output and what environment.

Which service do you mean?

Or ask at Arch forum... :slightly_frowning_face:

Roughly speaking, the terminal executes $(date +%F) and uses it as an argument as it should be, and the same command executed with hot keys takes this expression literally and creates a +%F.png file.

So no bash involved and hence no command substitution. Create a script and bind hot keys to execute said script.

I loved your company, that's why I am writing :slight_smile: You can be proud of yourself - you are a very responsive and peaceful community. Moreover, this problem is common to both distributions, if I understand everything correctly.

I thought bash is available by default. :confused: Despite the fact that I consider it a crutch to create a separate script to display the date and time, I will do everything just like that.

This can be considered a solution. I'll wait until tomorrow and put an appropriate mark for your comment.

Thanks for the answer.

But you are using an ImageMagick utility. The solution is at Magick's documentation.
Try here for some idea. There are ways to change the output file name dynamically IIRC, but it needs RTFMing...
or searching that super doc site.

Edit: Other ideas

convert x:'root'

Other search


Have you found a solution with magick?
It would be nice to have it if/when you have it. :wink:

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