The PS1 in gnome-terminal with zsh is asymmetric

As shown below, it’s not symmetric up and down. Which font should i use ? I have tried DejaVu, Hack Nerd. In Droid Sans Mono Font, it display in a rectange not triangle.


looks like line height - I don’t know what causes it - although I am fairly certain it is something local to your system.

It could be related to the GPU in use.

Did a quick check - under normal circumstances it appears as expected - tested in VirtualBox VM



Below is inxi -S results of mine.

  Host: xxxx Kernel: 6.5.9-1-MANJARO arch: x86_64 bits: 64
    Desktop: GNOME v: 45.0 Distro: Manjaro Linux

Still the same after update to 45.1 - still virtualbox vm



I installed the gnome manjaro in another pc, still the similar problem but better. Now i use the KDE, all is OK.

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