The program-status icons in Pamac (on one computer) have turned gray

I have all my computers (at home and at work) running Manjaro-Plasma with latest upgrades, except that all Pamacs have been reverted to pamac-gtk3 (because pamac-gtk icons look cruddy in Plasma).

On most of my computers, the program-status icons in Pamac are either “red trash can” (for already-installed programs), or “blue down arrow” (for available-to-download), or “blue check mark” (for “selected”), like so:

However, on my main computer, those status icons have turned gray, with just a hint of red or blue outline, like so:

I’ve been trying to figure-out why, experimenting with plasma-style, application-style, color-scheme, icon-scheme, but nothing is having any effect. It’s like the red and blue icons are there, but the center part is covered with gray paint, leaving just a red or blue ring around them. Anyone have an idea as to what’s causing this?

Update: I found the solution! I got to thinking: Pamac is a GTK-based app, and in my case a GTK3-based app. So I scrutinized the “Application Style” page in Plasma settings and I finally noticed the “Configure Gnome/GTK Application Style” button in the lower-right corner; it’s kinda easy to miss. So I compared the settings there to my other computers. They all had it set to “Default”, but the computer with the wonky Pamac icons had it set to “Breeze”. So I set it to “adw-gtk3” instead, and voila, the cheerful red and blue icons were back! Apparently Breeze doesn’t play well with GTK3.

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Yeap. Also, color settings in Plasma plus chosen icon theme can also modify the looks.

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