The problem of creating thumbnails for video files in Gnome 3.34

Replacing bubblewrap with bubblewrap-suid and delete the contents of the .thumbnails folder in the .cache folder doesn't help.

In my case on Gnome 3.34 with the 5.4 kernel they are created only after downgrading packages up to versions:

ffmpeg 1:4.2.1-4
x264 3:0.157.r2980.34c06d1-2

I don’t know how they will be on the Linux 4.19 kernel because with me the system began to boot for a long time after the upgrade, and with the Linux 5.4 kernel the system boots as before.

Rebuild the cache.

Do you have totem (gnome-videos) installed?
If no, try to install it and delete the cache.
Install ffmpegthumbnailer too.

totem installed, cleaned cache, ffmpegthumbnailer installed, does not help!

It seems that I will not find help here. :rage:
It’s unfortunate that Manjaro support is getting worse!

How dare you blame this little problem on anyone else!

Now quit the incessant whining and rebuild the cache.


I seek help in Support for Official Editions category. And I want to get a sane answer!
If this is a small problem for you, then I need it.

...contains all the relevant Thumbnail information necessary.

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The links that you gave me did not say anything new about the fact that I already knew all this.

Here's something new for you ("pretty obviously, if I might say so myself"). Please don't take this personally. Usually a fee is required for etiquette lessons.

A "Help Vampires" Spotters Guide

Please if you can’t say something constructive on the topic, do not troll. :wink:

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