The perl-finance-quote saga continues

Brief recap: perl-finance-quote and its perl dependencies used to be in the repositories. As of version 1.5.5, some dependencies were moved to AUR, and of these, some were not properly indicated in the perl-finance-quote package as dependencies, so I had to choose to build them “by hand” with yay.

As of the 2023-12-01 Manjaro stable update, perl-finance-quote, now at 1.5.8, has been moved to the AUR along with all perl dependencies, and the missing dependency links have apparently been fixed. When updating with yay caused a lot of rebuilds of dependencies and checkrebuild returned no problems, I was optimistic, but gnucash said perl-finance-quote was not properly configured, and getting quotes was disabled. I tried removing perl-finance-quote and all dependencies, rebooting, and doing a clean rebuild for them all, but I have the same result: “not properly configured” and no other diagnostic, and quotes disabled.

At this point, I don’t know if the error is in the new AUR package, which was updated 25 Nov, or in the code itself (there is a tar package labeled 1.5.8-1 on the source page, but it’s not the AUR version yet). The old method of testing quotes from the command line appears to have been removed.

Any ideas out there, oh gurus of Manjaro and AUR?

Hi @rf2020,

I don’t know if this will help you, but it might:


If not, if anything else:


@rf2020 : I solved all the finance quote problems when I installed the flatpak version of Gnucash. It works great and gets updated much faster than the repository version. See Flatpak - GnuCash

Thanks for the thought, but this problem is much more recent - I already went through the suggestions there a year or so back.

@cem365mj , I haven’t had the greatest luck with Flatpaks for Firefox, but perhaps I could give the gnucash one a try.

Thanks, guys!

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Update: the problem was the absence of perl-json-parse, which is separate from perl-json, and is required by gnucash to use the quotes feature. I’ve asked the maintainer of the perl-finance-quote package to add it as a dependency, but perhaps it really should be a dependency of gnucash, not sure.

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By the way, I looked at the flatpak for gnucash, and it brought along a lot of gnome environment stuff with it - I would rather not have to load all that on my wimpy machine. But with a better machine, it looks more reliable.

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