The memory required by KDE is abnormally high

Since some weeks (aprox. update from Jan. 2019) the memory consumption of my system seems too high. A plain start of KDE without any running programme needs up to 1 GB RAM!

The picture shows the output of htop.

I know that baloo / akonadi needs some system resources.
I’m wondering why /bin/baloo_file runs twice and /bin/plasmashell runs several times.
Is this normal behavior?

In December my system still had a memory load of about 600 MB after a reboot.

How con I clean up my system?

Thanks in davance

Can’t confirm this as on boot mine takes around 620MiB > 3 Activities, Latte-Dock with different layouts on a dual display setup.
Try a TEST user and see if the memory is still high in that session. If not, then you have to take a closer look at your user configs.

Do you also have Akonadi suit installed? In my experience whenever I was using Kmail/Kontact RAM was going up to something around 900MB+1GB (I also had Dropbox).

To @mepi0011, you may also check with ps_mem. As far as I know, baloo is for file indexing, so maybe you have some new big directory added and it does indexing? Also there are threads in the web/forum about how resetting/optimizing baloo. Worth to look into.

Nope, nor clients fo cloud or chat …

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There is a QT memory leak bug affecting some.

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Forum search first is best, there are a few threads on this already.

There is a current issue with Qt 5.12.1 and use of the Oxygen theme causing abnormal plasmashell memory usage, and other issues like not being able to launch apps from menus.

Best course of action currently is to change to another theme, like Breeze, until upstream patches arrive.

On my laptop I see 850MB at start, that’s with a small Conky and a weather widget. It has been much less, around 500 or so.

Used to have a lot of things running at startup, and a very convoluted setup for Activities/Virtual Desktops/Widgets/Latte-Dock … I reduced all that to the point that all looks almost boring, but has the same efficiency for my workflow, but uses less than half memory of what it used too. On another system it uses only 430MiB.


with the last stable update from 29.03.2019 QT is updated to QT 5.12.2.
My KDE runs with Breath theme.

In the meantime, I think my high memory usage is coming from somewhere else.

Which process?

I’m wondering why /bin/baloo_file runs twice and /bin/plasmashell runs several times.
See screenshot at The memory required by KDE is abnormally high

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