The letters fi change to "O

Whenever I type in the letters fi next to each other, manjaro seems to want to make it "O instead.If anyone has an idea on how to fix this, please let me know.

Can you provide more information?

Does this happen only in certain applications?

Does this happen with another distro (or live USB) using the same keyboard?

Did you enable alternative text input?

Does the fi get replaced by O, or is the O appended to it?

Does this happen with any other f + key combination?

This seems like a font issue where fi is combined into ligatures. Usually, this is a font decision so if the font is able to do it, it should have the glyphs available.

Which application behaves like this and which font (or font settings) did you configure?

i had the same issue after the update
clear your cache:
rm -rf ~/.cache/*