The language of the qt programs changed after the update

I use manjaro kde in Portuguese and after the update the qt programs were in English, and now to solve?

Have you checked the language in Manjaro Settings?

yes, i checked

What if you set the language in KDE regional settings?

yes the system is in portuguese, only qt programs that are in english

Please post the output of locale -a


And the output of locale please.

EDIT: please also post the output of pacman-mirrors -G

[eduardo@eduardo-ax370gaming5 ~]$ pacman-mirrors -G

I’m also on stable and don’t have that problem.

Have you check you have the qt translations package installed? You can check with Manjaro-settings utility or with the command:

pacman -Q qt5-translations

I just checked and the package is installed but I had it reinstalled and the programs were in Portuguese again with the exception of vlc and kdenlive