The hardware configuration window should get a redesign

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First off I wanna say I am a huge fan of Manjaro, and I love this distro very much! I truly love the work you have put into this project, and I wish for it to grow.

I find pretty much everything about Manjaro amazing, but I just have a small recommendation, I believe that the hardware configuration window should be more similar to this: exampleofbetterhardwareconfiguration

For reference this is the current one we have:

I know this is nitpicking, but I believe a small detail like this should be improved upon, I think that the "open source" column shouldn't be so similar to the one for installing, since it's a little confusing at first sight. I also think maybe more information could be presented? For instance you could mention useful info about video-vesa and video-linux, probably a recommendedtag similar to that of the kernel panel, couldn't a space for information also be used to provide warnings that to never use insert driver here for the card the user has?


Heyyyy, I remember this! I made a post regarding this a while ago, but I'm glad to see it get new traction.

Yeah, Manjaro's driver manager, while incredibly useful, is very ugly. I'm all for pushing for a redesign and wouldn't mind spitting out a mockup or two. What do others in the community have to say?

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Another idea I had was maybe to have the nouveau drivers as an option (with a proper description, and a "Warning" tag if the user has a GPU that is newer than the 7xx series).

Also maybe automate the process for the optimus users? (for example: Manjaro live USB issues XPS 15 9560)

Although the last one is probably not very needed anymore thanks to Nvidia introducing Offloading

while it's certainly a better option than bumblebee and far less problematic to make a default during install, the render offload feature of the 435.xx drivers is not exactly ideal unless your using a turing class gpu (1660 and up) since the nvidia gpu can never be turned off

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Ah ok thank you very much for the information :smiley:

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