The forum is now sponsored by Bytemark



You might already have noticed, but the forum is now running on a server provided by Bytemark, one of the UK’s go-to hosting providers.

Bytemark already support a vast range of big-name open-source projects (e.g. Debian, OpenStreetMap, Kodi, LibreOffice, Ubuntu MATE, …), so I’m really very happy they agreed to provide a cloud VPS on which we can run the forum. It means the forum’s hosting is now secure for the foreseeable future.

Expect a full announcement on Manjaro’s web site over the next few days, as well as a post on Bytemark’s own blog. :slight_smile:


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Now if we could just get the DNS to propagate…
I’ve used the hosts workaround but that is less than optimal.


That’s not how DNS works.


Bytemark is an amazing company with a tremendous good rep for the way they conduct bussiness. In particular their history of contribution and support to open source. No doubt one of my favorite companies out there and such a genuine example of a do-good privately owned business. So, congratulations to the Manjaro Team.

My only concern is however the fact Bytemark is UK hosted and Brexit is around the corner. The UK government has shown in recent years growing signs of wanting to implement very intrusive and abusive anti-privacy measures, which includes new laws that force companies into surrendering their users data. This is currently not possible, but once Brexit is over, the UK government will no longer need to obey the European Privacy Act signed by the member states last year.


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Most anticipated problems rarely happen, and if those happen you can decide just in time what to do.


Because I was pretty sure it does work that way:


Yes. We have no control over third-party DNS resolvers.

In hindsight, we should have lowered the TTL value ahead of the migration (or left the old server active but read-only for longer, but then how long?), but you can’t remember everything.


I will say lowering the TTL ahead of a migration usually falls off my list too, there are so many other critical things to concentrate on during a switch.


Since we have a working workaround, which is known, why bother. Yes, we might have hold it back a little longer. However, why waste donation money for it?


Well, after the little bit of tuning of the server to suit Discourse’s own “particular set of needs” I’m pretty confident in saying the Bytemark-hosted forum is performing vastly better than the DO-hosted forum.

This may have been due to “noisy neighbours” on DO, but the difference is nonetheless pretty stark: we were able to accommodate yesterday’s Yandex spider without noticing, and the forum page latency is much better than before.

The server is accommodating 1.2M requests (~60K page views) per day without breaking a sweat. There were three 5xx errors registered today.

My current feeling: :tada:


Ya, seems our tuning had paid of so far. Forum is much more per-formant than before.