"The destination folder is not writable by the current user”

Hello, when I try to run a game via a wine folder destination I get this warning "The destination folder is not writable by the current user”, what can i do to make it go away, I tried giving it permission but I think i didn’t do it right. What can i do?
If i missed any information please tell me so i can edit my post.


Anything outside your /home/$USER tree is write protected - part of multiuser security.

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And what would be the short version of my problem?
“drwxrwxrwx 5 octavianb octavianb 4,0K aug 7 00:04 wine-lol
drwxr-xr-x 5 octavianb octavianb 4,0K aug 6 23:51 wine-lol-glibc”

Also, does this mean the files have permissions?

The short version?

  1. What are the mountpoints for those filesystems? Do they have write permission for your user account? Are they mounted automatically or from within /etc/fstab?

  2. What filesystem is on those volumes? NTFS and FAT-derivatives do not store UNIX filesystem permissions and file ownerships, so they have to be faked at mount time, and they are only valid while the filesystem is mounted. They also cannot be modified without remounting the filesystem.

Answer those questions for yourself and you’ll know what to do. :wink:

P.S.: Your actual permissions do not only depend on the permissions of the files themselves, but also upon the permission on the directories containing those files. (It’s all explained in the tutorial.)

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