The Departing Manjaro Topic

Is it time for you to distro-hop on to your next destination? Fed-up with Linux and headed back to OS/2?

This topic is a place for you to say your farewells.


Bye evert bodyBye evert bodyBye evert body

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Why would anyone of us want to leave our Forum or stop using Manjaro for? I'm not saying that Manjaro or it's Forum are perfect, but...

I get the idea and all, but I can see this turning into a whinery thread really quickly. IMO if someone wants to air their complaints or say thank you while leaving they can do it in their anonymization request. I feel like this thread will become a place to air dirty laundry and then degenerate into pointless bickering, particularly if someone's post is aggressive.

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People post their departure messages all the time.

Sometimes they are friendly, sometimes passive aggressive and other times laced with anger.

The idea is just to keep them in one place instead of being spread out across a bunch of topics as they are now.


Gotcha. I don't disagree with what you're doing, I'm just saying, be prepared. That's all. :smiley:

I stopped using Manjaro 6 months ago, because I went completely to ArchLinux. The reasons are quite simple: Quicker updates, the Arch Wiki and website!!, kernel naming (just linux and linux-lts) and the way e.g. the systemd-boot is configured and updated.

I was an excited Manjaro user for about two, three years, but over the time I felt more familiar with Arch...

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So what do you did updates breaks things?

Updates normally do not break things, but if so:
Just boot from the installation media and arch-chroot into the installed one. Then you can fix things. The same goes for Manjaro. It is called mhwd-chroot.
I was never afraid of updates breaking anything on Arch or Arch based systems...

Edit: A well written description for Manjaro is here.

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As noted. arch-chroot is easier than mwhd-chroot, only because it's easier to remember. manjaro-chroot would have made more sense.

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Will the last person who leaves kindly turn off the heating and lights, close all the windows and the door on the way out. Thanks :wink:


Ah...manjaro-chroot is what I use.

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yeah. mhwd-chroot is older.

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And lock this thread.

A testament to how long is been since I've used it

Well...that plan failed.

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