The default size of the Konsole is too small

Here: 2736x1824 at 100%, the default size of the Konsole is like 44x14 and it barely displays anything. Maybe 96x24 will be better?

Then simply drag it bigger and then set the desired size in the current profile (Settings => Manage profiles => Edit current profile). In the settings of the console itself, Save window size must be disabled!

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Yes I know but I think the default size is inappropriate. It is not “out of the box”

I see it that way, too. Seems to be a bug, at least this has been observed for some time in KDE. On Arch KDE I had this as well.

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I think Plasma/Konsole changed they way the default size is defined, making our previous settings for it ineffective.

We would gladly accept if you find a way to define it in the configs, that are not based on what screen it’s on.


I have 116 x 32 px on my 2K monitor (27") for example, but at another resolution it looks completely different again :frowning:

EDITH: With version 21.1 (new installation) the problem is now solved. Thanks to the developers!

One size never fits all and that’s the reason why you have KDE:

  • To tinker with the system!
  • To customize the hell out of it!

If you don’t like that, take Gnome!

Oh wait, take Windows and it’s tyranny of the default



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It’s been reported here, and a possible fix for that got pushed in Konsole 21.08, which hasn’t landed in Manjaro stable branch as of writing this reply.

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Known bug. Happens the first time konsole is launched. Drag it to your liking and konsole will remember next time you launch it. Oh! It is already fixed in Kde neon.

21.08 now both in stable and in new Pahvo ISOs. And issue is fixed :partying_face: