The case of the bizarre glitch (again)

Continuing with my Linux journey of "Oh sheesh, what's happening now?" I present, this.
The obligatory inxi. :parasol_on_ground:

So on Frank here (My Manjaro Testing 'puter) I've been chasing down a very odd problem.
I'll get a random millisecond flash or blink on my monitor at seemingly random intervals.
I've been chasing this little sucker for a week now and couldn't figure it out. First thing I did was change the DP cable, then switched to an HDMI cable, then another.

I finally found the program doing it... Redshift. So I changed over to f.lux and it also caused the flash/blink.
I dug through every log I could find pertaining to Redshift, the amdgpu driver,KDE, Journal, etc.... there's absolutely nothing I could find or should I say recognize as a fault somewhere.
I'm just not sure where the problem lies... yes, the two programs that alter your screen temperate are causing it but I'm not sure where the conflict it. The gpu driver? KDE? the Compositor? The program itself?

Just to put another twist on this. I installed Redshift on my craptop (that's its official name now) which is running Lubuntu 19.04 temporarily. It does it on that as well, although much less often.

So, uh, how do you file a bug report to whom ever this issue belongs if you have no logs/readouts/tablets/smoke-signals to show what's going on?
How does one go about tracking down the seemingly untraceable problem?

As ever, thank you for any help. :bowing_woman:

I've never cared much for those auto adjustment utilities. I use a simple manual program available in the aur called brightness controller. It is capable of adjusting the colour/ brightness on two monitors

Perhaps not your thing, but I like it's simplicity.


Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take a look. I've been manually switching my monitor's picture mode. It's a right pain to do.
I got used to the auto adjustment (From Windows10). Strangely Redshift works fine on my other desktop running Manjaro stable KDE. Its all just very weird.
Sadly without some sort of adjustment it really messes with my sleeping, since I stare at these things all day.

I use the KDE Breeze dark theme as well as Firefox extensions such as Dark Mode to limit the retina burn from my computers. When I still feel I'm getting eye strain I will use brightness controller to adjust the display output somewhat.

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