The Best Manjaro Wallpaper available

This is the ever best made wallpaper for Manjaro…It is out there for quite a while, but it reflects everything behind the curtain. This is how I see the work of philm&co !
Manjaro RULES!!!:muscle:


Very kool!! I am adding it to my screen saver collection now…

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Too violent for my taste.
Edit: I can also imagine that Windows and Apple logos can be replaced with those of other distros. Don’t like the artistic concept at all. Manjaro, GNU and Linux or BSD are good in their own right.


This has been around with all kinds of different branding for quite a long time.
Image searches will show you arch, debian, and many others atop the banner.
No idea what the original was … maybe it never had any specific distro ? Maybe it was meant to be transmutable.
I’ve never really found it violent … always saw it more of Open Source kicking out the corporate software. (loosely)


By the way, who is the first one in the row? (or what is)
I didn’t recognize it.
In order: unknown, FreeBSD, Linux, Gnu, again unknown.

The one on the right is Linux (Tux) I think the bird shape between GNU and the daemon is part of one of the alternative GNU logos, I remember seeing some a while back which had a small bird (not a penguin) with the Gnu.