The best LaTex editor for Linux?

Dear community,

I need to move out from Ulysses LaTex editor on my former Mac.

I would love to hear your recommendations of the best LaTex editors for Linux/Manjaro. I have tried Texmaker and Geany. These two are great tools, but they seem more focused in the programming world.

I use the Ulysses app to edit scholar papers and books. So any recommendations for my new writing platform are very welcome!



Maybe Lyx is an editor you search for.



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Kile is excellent, in my opinion. It is by far my favourite text editor specialised for TEX.

I don't use Lyx, because WYSIWYG and LATEX are a terrible combination in my opinion.

However, in recent years, I've been using a good general purpose text editor like Kate and Vim and just compiling LATEX documents manually. But I may be a weirdo, because I've also stopped using IDEs for programming, for the most part, and just stick to a good text editor: both Vim and Kate fill that role nicely. That said, Kile has all of the features of Kate, plus additional TEX stuff.


I would also recommend Kyle.



You can find it in the official Manjaro repos.


I would also recommend texstudio. But if you want to try something less sophisticated you can look at online editor

EDIT. List of TeX-editors see

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First one I used was texstudio. Afterwards I tried several others but always went back to texstudio.

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Since I tried Kyle I've never changed. I also installed it on Windows with the KDE compatibility tool. If you look for a tex editor easy to configure out of the box and with direct and inverse research, you should check it out. It works very nice also outside KDE (I use GNOME).


It's Kile. Kile is an Integrated LATEX Editor.
It's pronounced /kiːlə/.

It has nothing to do with this guy:


Thanks everyone for your recommendations! I will give all of them a try.

Do any of these offer sync the files in the Cloud via OneDrive/GDrive/Dropbox natively? Or any other Cloud solution? That is an important feature for me.

Kind regards,


Hi. is a cloud service. It has it's own cloud storage and offers Git and GitHub sync for free. Dropbox sync is a premium feature.

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