The application called "Cheese" has flickering issues also I am not able to remove Cheese for gnome-control-center dependency issue

I recently freshly installed Manjaro Gnome. I find that camera in Cheese is flickering and also taking a photo hangs the Application.

Also when I try to remove it, it says it has some dependency issue with gnome-control-centre.

If I run Cheese from Terminal it shows the following.

(cheese:2657): cheese-WARNING **: 17:14:05.128: Internal GStreamer error: code not implemented.  Please file a bug at ../gst-plugins-base/gst-libs/gst/video/gstvideofilter.c(296): gst_video_filter_transform (): /GstCameraBin:camerabin/GstViewfinderBin:vf-bin/GstVideoConvert:vfbin-csp:
invalid video buffer received

Upstream packages cannot be change by Manjaro.

And did you file a bug as the message says?

When gnome-control-center depends on cheese there’s nothing you can do other than let it be - possibly installing another webcam application.


Hi I came across the same issue and cannot understand why the Official repo Cheese is not working and has flickering. However the Flatpak one is working fine. Maybe give that a try. I think it’s a bug with gnome 40 or something. I’m not sure.


Cheese is now work with the latest Manjaro updates. :slight_smile:


Hey @MDIntisar & @emmy,

I had the same issue before. See below:

There is no need to install the cheese flatpak. Either downgrading the packages below to version 0.3.25 or updating them to 0.3.27 and above should fix that problem:


That’s correct. Now pipewire version 0.3.27 is available on the stable branch, so updating to it should fix the flickering issues with cheese.

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