Thanks to all here at Manjaro and all in the forum

A while back I was a frequent forum participant and user of Manjaro - I say participant as I more often asked for help than gave it.
I used Majaro for my daily drive for just short of 2 years; my first rolling and Arch based distro.

I haven’t been back for a while here. Without being too detailed my son died.
I am moving to a distro that does not require my attention as often.

I want to thank the development team and all of those patient and skilled contributors here for a great distro; I learnt an immense amount and had a great deal of pleasure being on the forum - including through those dark days of the early pandemic.

Manjaro is a truly great distro, in my opinion. It requires commitment, a bit like a marriage - perhaps - but that commitment pays off.

Thanks once again to all here, auf wiedersehen, perhaps.



Nothing we say or do here will ease the lost you experienced, but for sure if you decide to come back, there will be someone willing to help you out. Maybe, just maybe, focusing on something else will have a positive influence, severance like, for you, so you don’t get stuck.
Wish you strength! Condolences.


Thank you so much.
I appreciate your words of support.


I’ve been using Manjaro for a half year now and I’m very excited. Simple and working rolling release. Before that I used Ubuntu LTS for many years. Before that I also had Gentoo and Sabayon at times, that was too exhausting for me to maintain.

This is a great work of the developers. I always donate some money to projects at the end of the year. This year Manjaro gets something from me too.