Thanks Manjaro Forum

Manjaro forum became more popular because most of Archlinux problems can have answers here, and you find really kind, open minded and friendly people that help (if possible) anyone newbie or expert without discrimination.

I write this after reading some post on reddit about how Archlinux community is toxic and arrogant, so I wanted to thank you for your great help that you provide for people that want to use Archlinux.



I don’t have an account on the Arch forum, but sometimes, when I do researches on Google about doubts and problems about Linux, often I read the Arch forum, but I didn’t noticed arrogance and toxicism on such forum/community.
Maybe these “post on reddit about Archlinux community” are just ranting and complaints.



  • Arch is an OS for nerds.
  • Manjaro is an OS for geeks.

There is a big difference between the two!



Now I am very intrigued! @Fabby - nerds and geeks - what is the difference? Is it really that big? Can we quantify “bigness” in this case?

Never having self-identified as either nerd nor geek I’d regard this essential to my existential health!


A geek is a nerd with social skills. :rofl:


A picture says more than a 1000 words, but when it’s a picture with words, it’s the best of all:




I too would second a BIG thank you to the Manjaro Team. When I installed recently, I wasn’t sure I had selected the right options, but after just a day, the friendly people on the forum had set me straight and I have been enjoying the OS ever since.
" Arch is an OS for nerds. Manjaro is an OS for geeks."
Whew, that was close…I’d hate to think of myself as a nerd when I could be a geek! :slight_smile:
Your friendly nerd and geek…Grenny

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As a boy I was a cellist - what more can I say?

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