Text editor kicks me back out to the login screen. Why?

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Is there a way to find out why a text editor (deepin-editor 6.0.15-1), which was working fine till now, kicks me back out to the login screen when I launch it? Thank God, I can log back in after entering my password and I don’t get locked out as it happened before (which was related to some other problem!)

I installed the app from the Official Repositories.

Is it because it is a “deepin” editor and it’s not a good idea to run “deepin” stuff on KDE Plasma?

I’m all ears for you and waiting to type your “commands” :wink: in terminal.

Perhaps the deepin-editor is hardcoded to run in deepin desktop …

I hear what you’re saying, but I was using it and it launched fine until now. If what you’re saying is the reason, the app wouldn’t have launched (started) at all right from the get-go. Right? Just sayin’…

Are you using Wayland or X11?

I’m using KDE Plasma (X11). Plasma version is 5.27.10.

My first response to this would simply be…


I don’t understand the question ‘is it because it is a deepin editor not designed for KDE’.

Well maybe more because Deepin-editor designed specifically to run with DDE.

Kate, or KWrite are designed for KDE… but many others run well too - there’s Code, and a large number of other good editors.

I’m not sure how Deepin-editor gets on the radar.


Maybe look if there is a deepin-editor folder in cache and delete some or all contents?

I notice that linuxdeepin/deepin-editor, which I presume is upstream for this package, hasn’t produced an actual release since 2019.

It could be that something is amiss due to the transition from Qt5 to Qt6 dependencies, but that’s only a vague guess.

I suggest that the OP optionally contacts the Maintainer/Packager felixonmars@archlinux.org regarding this editor; though he may need to wait until Earth and Mars are better positioned. Cheers.

I had no difficulty understanding the question.

I have no solution to your issue with deepin-editor. However, I see no obvious reason why it cannot be used on KDE, despite being intended for another environment.

In any similar situation there might be DE-specific capabilities that don’t make the transition; perhaps also functionality and theming; but might still work more or less as expected, assuming all required dependencies are met.

The issue is likely specific to your particular environment, and not knowing the nuances of that environment, with any possible modifications or customizations you’ve made, it’s difficult to pinpoint an actual cause; or, as is commonly stated, “we’re not mind-readers”.

If you login to a newly created second user profile and the issue no longer reveals itself, it’s likely the problem is with your main profile.

If the issue persists, then :person_shrugging:. It might be time to transition to a new editor.

Good luck.

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