Text disappearing in Steam after waking up from suspend


After I wake up from suspend, the text in my steam window, particularly the Steam friends list disappears.

The game library in the main window also has no text.

I think this issue is related to nvidia drivers. However, I already enabled nvidia-suspend.service, nvidia-resume.service, and nvidia-hibernate.service. While this seems to have solved a different problem I had with graphical corruption, it didn’t solve the Steam text issue. Does anyone know how to resolve it? The only workaround I have is to quit Steam and restart it, which isn’t ideal.

I am running KDE Plasma 5.26.5 on X11, on Nvidia proprietary drivers. My GPU is a 1080Ti. My CPU is an Intel i5-7600K.

It does the same on my side (Nvidia too), resizing can get the Library back but the friendlist is dead after waking up. No solution so far, I just restart steam.


Hi there. I don’t use Steam but I searched online & it seems that this is a Steam issue & not strictly a Steam-for-Linux issue. People report it as far back as 2-3 months ago, so hopefully it gets fixed soon. R

I have switched recently from Windows on the same machine and I do not get this issue. However, on Steam on Linux on my laptop with an Intel GPU, I also don’t get this issue. So I am led to believe that this bug is something specific to Steam, Linux, Nvidia drivers on Linux, and possibly X11 and plasma.

I did not know that resizing the steam window makes things appear. Thanks for the workaround!