Texlive-most on Manjaro

Our venerable Arch wiki says that texlive-most is the way to go for most casual tex users.

However, I don’t see texlive-most at all on any Manjaro package repositories:
pamac search -a texlive-most

I do see, however, texlive-full as an as an AUR package.

What is the recommended way to go for Texlive on Manjaro for the equivalence to Texlive-most for Arch? I’m ok with using an extra GB to install the texlive-full if I have to.

I’m just asking here because perhaps there is some better alternative I am not aware of. Some other-named package on manjaro repos, or etc.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


texlive-most is a meta-package which contains texlive-core and texlive-bin. So just install it:

pamac install texlive-core texlive-bin

If you want texlive-full, then just install everything:

pamac install texlive-*
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That really helps out a lot. I had no idea about meta package, cool! Thanks again.

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