Tex Studio fonts missing

Hi! I use TexStudio and I'm trying to compile a file to pdf which previously had success compiling, but now it's giving me a missing file error and I didn't even change a word.

File 'raleway.sty' not found.

Which I found out is a particular font. Well, I don't want to install 1GB of fonts with texlive-fontsextra, so is there an easy/recommended way to manually install any missing fonts that might give me an error? Because I can't find that option in the settings menu, and simply adding the font folder to /usr/share/fonts didn't work with TexStudio. Also, other tutorials tell me to use MikTex, but I wonder if I really need to install one more program just to add a font.

I gave up and changed fonts... If there's some easy way to install fonts I'm down to learn it tho but it's not urgent now. Cheers

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