[Testing Update] 2024-05-23 - ICU 75.1, InputPlumber, Plasma 6.0.5, LibreOffice, NextCloud

Hello community, here we have another set of package updates.

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Finding information easier about Manjaro

Finding information easier about Manjaro always has been a topic that needed to be solved. With our new search we have put all Manjaro data accessible in one place and divided by sections so it makes it easier to digest: New Manjaro search engine is available | Blog


Notable Package Updates

  • We rebuilt our packages against icu 75.1
    • report any issues and let us know if we missed a package for rebuild
  • InputPlumber is now at 0.21.3
  • we created temp. overlay packages of Plasma 6.0.5
  • KDE Frameworks 5 got refreshed to 5.116.0
  • FWUpd got renewed to 1.9.20
  • LibreOffice Still 7.6.7 got released
  • NextCloud is now at 29.0.0
  • SMplayer has a new 24.5.0 release

A list of all package changes can be found here

Additional Info

Python 3.12 info

:information_source: You will need to rebuild any AUR Python packages that install files to site-packages or link to libpython3.11.so. :information_source:

Print a list of of packages that have files in /usr/lib/python3.11/ :

pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.11/

Rebuild them all at once:*

pamac build $(pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.11)

* Note that if any fail to build, you’ll have to rebuild what’s remaining one or a few at a time.

Use rebuild-detector to see if anything else needs to be rebuilt:

Info about AUR packages

:warning: AUR (Arch User Repository) packages are neither supported by Arch nor Manjaro. Posts about them in Announcements topics are off-topic and will be flagged, moved or removed without warning.

For help with AUR packages, please create a new topic in AUR and a helpful volunteer may be able to assist you.

Get our latest daily developer images now from Github: Plasma, GNOME, XFCE. You can get the latest stable releases of Manjaro from CDN77.

Our current supported kernels

  • linux419 4.19.314
  • linux54 5.4.276
  • linux510 5.10.217
  • linux515 5.15.159
  • linux61 6.1.91
  • linux66 6.6.31
  • linux68 6.8.10
  • linux69 6.9.1
  • linux61-rt 6.1.83_rt28
  • linux66-rt 6.6.23_rt28
  • linux67-rt 6.7_rt6

Package Changes (Thu May 23 01:44:33 CEST 2024)

  • testing core x86_64: 15 new and 15 removed package(s)
  • testing extra x86_64: 991 new and 939 removed package(s)
  • testing multilib x86_64: 11 new and 11 removed package(s)

A list of all package changes can be found here

  • No issue, everything went smoothly
  • Yes there was an issue. I was able to resolve it myself.(Please post your solution)
  • Yes i am currently experiencing an issue due to the update. (Please post about it)
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Check if your mirror has already synced:


Known issues and solutions

This is a wiki post; please edit as necessary.
Please, consider subscribing to the Testing Updates Announcements RSS feed

Please RTFT (Read This Fine Thread) first before reporting the same issues over and over again!

:arrow_right: 2024-05-23


Shutdown and Wifi Issues on some AMD systems (including framework)
  • Problem: Kernel updates 6.1.91-1 and 6.6.31-1 break shutdown and suspend/resume on the Framework 16 (Ryzen 7 7840HS, no GPU). Kernel 6.6 also seems to break wifi
  • Workaround: Downgrading back to 6.1.90-1 and 6.6.30-2 restores functionality. It has also been reported that kernel 6.9 does not have these issues.
  • Issue tracking: framework forums


No plasma interface with kernel 6.9 + Nvidia gpu + Wayland

If you encouter a black screen with no inteface after login in, it’s probably a problem with simpledrm loading.

To solve it add nvidia_drm.fbdev=1 to /etc/default/grub
in the line begining with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=" .
Verify that you also have nvidia_drm.modeset=1 in the same line.
Then exec sudo update-grub

Also, verify that you have nvidia_drm in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf in the MODULES= or HOOKS= line.
Exemple :

MODULES=(nvidia nvidia_modeset nvidia_uvm nvidia_drm)

If it was not present, then run sudo mkinitcpio -P after adding it.


Qemu: MacOS is not bootable with 9.0

Due to a bug MacOS is not bootable with 9.0: [9.0.0] qemu breaks mac os vm (#2334) · Issues · QEMU / QEMU · GitLab
Workaround: remove virtio-serial and org.qemu.guest_agent.0 from libvirt XML until bug will be fixed.


The default KDE Plasma session has been changed to X11

As of Plasma 6, KDE decided to make Wayland the default. However, since issues were discovered, we have reverted the default to X11. Users are free to choose whichever works best for them.


Konsole font rendering issue

if you use manjaro-zsh-config on Plasma 6,
please check your Font settings in Konsole:

Konsole: Open Settings → Edit Current Profile → Appearance,
click Select Font and select MesloLGS NF Regular.


Plasma 6 issues with Manjaro themes & tools

Prepare for a Plasma 6 release (#2) · Issues · Release plan / KDE · GitLab

DKMS fails for v4l2loopback on 6.8 kernel

DKMS fails for v4l2loopback on 6.8 kernel (#2) · Issues · Arch Linux / Packaging / Packages / v4l2loopback · GitLab

New version of kvantum does not support QT5 theme

Install new package kvantum-qt5 for QT5 theme support
required for manjaro-settings-manager and audacious

pamac install kvantum-qt5

If Theme shows wrong colors:

cd $HOME; ln -s .profile .xprofile

Manjaro-settings-manager has light theme instead of dark

issues with auto-mount of ntfs filesystem using Kernel 6.8

The kernel changed default ntfs driver from FUSE one to ntfs3.
These two are not fully compatible, mainly as far as mount options go. If you have custom mount options in the fstab (or any other application, such as VeraCrypt) they need to be changed.

Mount fails with: Device or resource busy
DMesg reports: Can't open blockdev

Migrate your mount options. For me the changes were:

  • allow_otherumask=000
  • default_permissions → [drop]
  • user_id=1000uid=1000
  • group_id=1000gid=1000


gnome-keyring: ssh component is not included

ssh component is not included (#3) · Issues · Arch Linux / Packaging / Packages / gnome-keyring · GitLab

Previous testing threads:

Getting this:

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicui18n.so=74-64' required by electron22
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicuuc.so=74-64' required by electron22
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicui18n.so=74-64' required by electron25
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicuuc.so=74-64' required by electron25
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old electron 22 and 25 : not in repos :wink:


Hah… absolutely spot on. Just saw the dependency issue and not the package. Anyway, removing them fixed the issue.

What does that mean? Temporary overlay packages?

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No problems detected so far. Everything went well.

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I think it means newer than ArchLinux.

ArchLinux plasma-desktop

A post was split to a new topic: Pamac complains about not permitted operations

pipewire. The sound is gone.

If I restore it with a snapshot, it is normal. Specifically, by deleting the following directories, it returned to normal:

This is the first time I’ve encountered trouble with Pipewire in the past year and a half.

it will be automatically generated anew.

rename or delete

extra commands

systemctl --user restart pipewire.service  systemctl --user restart pipewire-pulse.service

Cinnamon edition.

This phenomenon seems to be recurring. Even after rebooting, audio is lost.

I treat it using the same procedure.

It will heal soon.

I downgraded.

exa -l
.rw-r--r-- 378k zish 2024-05-25 20:45 libpipewire-1_1.0.5-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst
.rw-r--r-- 658k zish 2024-05-25 20:19 pipewire-1_1.0.5-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

LC_ALL=C sudo pacman -U libpipewire-1_1.0.5-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst pipewire-1_1.0.5-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst
loading packages...
warning: downgrading package libpipewire (1:1.0.6-1 => 1:1.0.5-1)
warning: downgrading package pipewire (1:1.0.6-1 => 1:1.0.5-1)
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...

Packages (2) libpipewire-1:1.0.5-1  pipewire-1:1.0.5-1

Total Installed Size:  4.41 MiB
Net Upgrade Size:      0.20 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] y

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X11 now for me resume correctly from suspend

:everything was fine but i still have for eg:


seems a bit of a dependency tree for me to climb…

A post was split to a new topic: SMPlayer does not remember volume setting

I noticed, strange white vertical and horizontal lines on YouTube videos, showing and disappearing in repeatable patterns.

This looks like a graphical issue. Mesa got updated, so I suspect it may be at fault here.
Strangely, I can’t repeat this bug on every video (or after FF reboot). At first, I was sure it is a part of the video, then I noticed it on another one, and then I realized that this is a glitch. Never had it before, so that’s something new.

 michaldybczak  Sirius16-Manjaro  ~  inxi -b
  Host: Sirius16-Manjaro Kernel: 6.9.1-1-MANJARO arch: x86_64 bits: 64
  Desktop: KDE Plasma v: 6.0.5 Distro: Manjaro Linux
  Type: Laptop System: TUXEDO product: TUXEDO Sirius 16 Gen1 v: N/A
    serial: <superuser required>
  Mobo: NB04 model: APX958 serial: <superuser required> UEFI: American
    Megatrends LLC. v: 1.00A00_20240108 date: 01/08/2024
  ID-1: BAT0 charge: 74.5 Wh (93.0%) condition: 80.1/80.1 Wh (100.0%)
  Info: 8-core AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS w/ Radeon 780M Graphics [MT MCP]
    speed (MHz): avg: 732 min/max: 400/4350
  Device-1: AMD Navi 33 [Radeon RX 7700S/7600/7600S/7600M XT/PRO W7600]
    driver: amdgpu v: kernel
  Device-2: AMD Phoenix1 driver: amdgpu v: kernel
  Device-3: Microdia Integrated Camera driver: uvcvideo type: USB
  Display: wayland server: X.org v: with: Xwayland v: 24.1.0
    compositor: kwin_wayland driver: X: loaded: amdgpu
    unloaded: modesetting,radeon dri: radeonsi gpu: amdgpu,amdgpu
    resolution: 1969x1108
  API: OpenGL v: 4.6 compat-v: 4.5 vendor: amd mesa v: 24.0.7-manjaro1.1
    renderer: AMD Radeon Graphics (radeonsi gfx1103_r1 LLVM 17.0.6 DRM 3.57
  Device-1: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8211/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet
    driver: r8169
  Device-2: Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210/AX1675 2x2 [Typhoon Peak] driver: iwlwifi
  Local Storage: total: 2.73 TiB used: 649.18 GiB (23.2%)
  Memory: total: 32 GiB note: est. available: 30.58 GiB
    used: 13.02 GiB (42.6%)
  Processes: 423 Uptime: 13h 33m Shell: Bash inxi: 3.3.34

Getting collisions when switching from the latest stable release to the latest testing release:

:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicui18n.so=74-64' required by electron27
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicuuc.so=74-64' required by electron27
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicuuc.so=74-64' required by harfbuzz-icu
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'icu<75' required by manjaro-settings-manager
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicuuc.so=74-64' required by raptor
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicui18n.so=74-64' required by texlive-bin
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicuuc.so=74-64' required by texlive-bin
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicui18n.so=74-64' required by thunderbird
:: installing icu (75.1-1) breaks dependency 'libicuuc.so=74-64' required by thunderbird

In addition, I am getting a dependency resolution issue for lib32-libjpeg-turbo:

warning: cannot resolve "libjpeg-turbo=3.0.3", a dependency of "lib32-libjpeg-turbo"
:: The following package cannot be upgraded due to unresolvable dependencies:

it heal with
[Testing Update] 2024-05-25 - Mesa 24.0.8, Gitlab 17.01.