[Testing Update] 2024-05-18 - Kernels, Systemd, Toolchain, Mesa, Firefox, Thunderbird

No issue, everything went smoothly. Cinnamon edition.Cinnamon-specific problems are excluded.

Might be helpful.
As for Microsoft Edge (AUR), all 500 tab sessions were blown away. Completely cleared. The extension has stopped working.

After rewriting /home with backintime, it was restored (I think).

octopi does not starts, downgraded to stable branch

It does now. I just pushed a fixed version, though you’ll have to install it manually as the broken version is “newer”.

0.15.0+19+ga081ac2b-1 = GOOD :+1:

0.16dev.r19.ga081ac2b-1 = BAD :-1:

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dbus-python got to python-dbus; so had to remove packages with dependencies (was a few, mainly lib32 packages, but also steam-native, ibus…) and after update reinstalled and things working fine again :slight_smile:

thanks, now it works
it was installed automatically but I got 0.15.0+23+g8c508c91-1
back again to testing

Er? dbus-python provided python-dbus and now python-dbus provides dbus-python, you should not have had to do anything. :thinking:

qt-sudo went to AUR, have I to update it or remove?

Kernel updates 6.1.91-1 and 6.6.31-1 break shutdown and suspend/resume on the Framework 16 (Ryzen 7 7840HS, no GPU). Downgrading back to 6.1.90-1 and 6.6.30-2 restores functionality.

Other kernel versions might be affected, but have not tested.

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Actually it’s the other way around. Ignore the AUR and update your repo packages first. The AUR version of qt-sudo is not compatible with Qt6.


Yeah, wondered also; but when i think about goes my bet which thingy this was causing on wine-gaming-dependencies for GE from the aur; that i remember i had also to remove. So hopefully this would not affect many users at all (since it is from aur and therefore also it`s only supported by my own risk:).

That package is ridiculous, do not use it.

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Ok, removed it… But i see; causes more trouble then it is worth… :+1:

ok, thanks, now I’m with octopi 0.16.0-1

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I performed the checkrebuild and this is the result. Should I uninstall?

foreign	python-manjaro-sdk

This is a deprecated package that does not exist in the repos or the AUR.

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The update of the Chromium webbrowser purged Chromium’s internal password manager database. All my saved passwords are gone. I do not use any password sync.

Yes, had the same issue on Ryzen 9 7940HS with Kernel 6.6.31-1 not shutting down properly. Instead CPU Fan spinning like crazy. Kernel 6.9.1-1 working.