[Testing Update] 2024-05-14 - Linux Firmware, Mkinitcpio, PHP, Plymouth

More info about it here:


Strictly speaking you did consent to updating packages, but could not give informed consent because there is no mention of it the any of usual places (assuming users on Testing branch are not expected to read commits on Manjaro.Gitlab before updating)
But it would also be correct to say that the KMS was forcefully added without your knowledge

For the usual scenario (e.g. mkinitcpio.conf.pacnew created for user to merge the microcode hook) user is informed about creation of a .pacnew only after consenting to the update:

[2024-05-14T08:55:40+0100] [ALPM] warning: /etc/mkinitcpio.conf installed as /etc/mkinitcpio.conf.pacnew

IMO both of these are sub-optimal and users should have information in update announcements so they are informed about changes before consenting to update

1st or 2nd post only needs minimal information for ABCYA purposes (Always Be Covering Your A***)

Information for Manjaro:

$ sudo pacman -Syu
:: Starting full system upgrade...
warning: mkinitcpio: local (39.1-2) is newer than core (38.1-1)

$ cat /var/log/pacman.log | grep 'upgraded mkinitcpio'
[2024-01-19T15:26:49+0100] [ALPM] upgraded mkinitcpio (37.1-2 -> 37.2-1.6)
[2024-02-23T07:21:02+0100] [ALPM] upgraded mkinitcpio (37.2-1.6 -> 37.3-1)
[2024-03-18T14:03:50+0100] [ALPM] upgraded mkinitcpio (37.3-1 -> 38.1-1)
[2024-05-17T15:57:49+0200] [ALPM] upgraded mkinitcpio (38.1-1 -> 39.1-2)

$ pacman -Ss
core/mkinitcpio 38.1-1 [installed: 39.1-2]
    Modular initramfs image creation utility

Have not switched branches.