[Testing Update] 2024-05-08 - Kernels, InputPlumber, LibPamac, Mhwd-DB, LibreOffice, LxQt 2.0, VirtualBox

Kernel Updates for 6.6 and 6.8 broke gaming while not running an UEFI-Installation (missing BAR support) :frowning:

Issue: Bisected: Games crash on 6.9rc-5+/6.8.9+/6.6.30+ if above 4g decoding/resize bar is disabled or not supported (#3343) · Issues · drm / amd · GitLab

A fix seems already underway. Until then keep older kernel version or downgrade, e.g. 6.6.21-1 is working fine.


After switching to Manjaro Testing, the app icons running under wine or java do not have an icon.
It seems that any app that does not have an entry in the menu does not have an icon.

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I’m unsure of the cause, but after doing a pamac upgrade, I’m having trouble with AppImages working - nothing is displayed in the window that’s opened, but you can still navigate the application like it’s being rendered, and the application itself is still functioning. This only seems to be a problem on my laptop (Ryzen 5 4500U with Radeon RX Vega 6) vs my desktop (i5-13500 with Intel Arc A750). I’ve dug around but haven’t found any logging to indicate what’s happening. Willing to provide more info if needed but I’m not sure where to look.

The two applications I’ve run into so far that are having trouble are Beeper and RadarOmega

[edit] I cleared the GPUCache directory for each application (in ~/.config/<application name> and that seemed to fix it.


Mac Os vm is not able to boot with qemu 9.0.0-1.
I opened an issue here and a workaround was posted, until the bug is solved:

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The thing I noticed on Xfce, my icon theme got altered. Couldn’t change it back.

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Total Download Size:    729.12 MiB
Total Installed Size:  1529.20 MiB
Net Upgrade Size:      -352.67 MiB

Interesting, I wonder what that was…

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Mostly linux-firmware package.


@angrytux can you confirm 6.6.30-2 and 6.8.9-2 fixes that issue for you?

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One problematic game starts without problem. Wasn´t the case before after the kernel update. Will tell if any new strange things occur :slight_smile:
Did you include the patch already or revert the last update? Looking at the issue on gitlab it shouldn´t be upstream yet.

I’ve experienced similar behavior as @angrytux and reverted to linux61 and that was a workaround for me in one case. With 6.8.9-2 this behavior does not manifest itself so far, however I cannot reliably trigger it, I experienced random crashes that do not happen anymore.

All issues with AUR/python were resolved using your instructions. Thanks!

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Looks like the DMABUF renderer is broken in webkitgtk with the proprietary nvidia driver. Because of this I got a blank screen on the Manjaro Starter application.

The solution in the link below fixes issue for me.

[bug] app window fails under Linux with Nvidia gpu · Issue #9304 · tauri-apps/tauri · GitHub

Yup, as I thought, it’s an issue with webkit2gtk being broken under 2.44 with Nvidia GPUs https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/packaging/packages/webkit2gtk/-/issues/1

For your local dev environment, you can add WEBKIT_DISABLE_DMABUF_RENDERER=1 in /etc/environment for the time beeing.


I believe this issue is related to this update.

Failed to load firmware “amdgpu/green_sardine_sdma.bin”

no issue except the computer suddenly logged in with xorg session. I did not see a pacnew related to this so it was a bit surprising and caused glitching and flickering as the display output changed from console mode to wayland mode to xorg mode.

Maybe it has to do with:

of course, but as i said i did not expect it to hardcode x11 in there, just that the default config says to use x11 and if i already have a config and merge the pacnew i get to keep the system as is.

Yup, understand yes.

You mentioned being surprised by something, to I just pointed it out.


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