[Testing Update] 2023-08-28 - Kernels, KDE Gear 23.08, AMDVLK 23.Q3.1

This is probably not an issue at all.

After the latest KDE-PIM update, the Google Groupware resource is broken again:

  • the existing google calendars are “stuck”;
  • removing and creating a new google resource does not work anymore: the resource in akonadi console can be created and it even lists the available calendars and tasks, but after clicking on OK the akonadi resource in the console displays the error “Configured account does not exist”.

This seems to be a recurring bug, something must have got broken again. There is already a bug upstream that has been “resurrected” with this comment, but the bug its from 2021…


The logs in the terminal console do not help:

  1. open a terminal
  2. type akonadictl restart
  3. type akonadiconsole

so that you get the logs from both the akonadi console GUI and the whole set of akonadi agents.
There is unfortunately no log outputted from the moment you click on “OK” and the moment the akonadi console GUI gets the focus again. There is no error printed related to anything related to Google Resource.

On the top of that: clicking on “Apply” rather than “OK” has no effect.

UPDATE: A new bug was opened here.


have a look here

@nl.smart where, exactly? :smile:
I saw the “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief KDE Systems” (cit.) - that is: Akonadi & Baloo - but I couldn’t find any mention of the new occurrence of this bug.
And the mailing list is mirrored by the kdebugs site I linked above…

Have you found a hint to this specific issue on the KDE Community site?

There’s no point in having it have 555 permissions. It’s a root-owned directory, and root has write access to everything anyway. It should have 755 permissions.

I think I just got all of these packages on the stable branch.


I am on stable branch and also got these packages. No problems after the update so far

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Merkuro-Calendar (Replacement for Kalendar) crashes on start. There is already a commit with a bug-fix upstream, but the fix is not yet in Arch-repos.

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archlinux-appstream-data 20230827-2 causes pamac issue.


Having the same issue with pamac. Only solution I’ve found so far is to downgrade archlinux-appstream-data.


This is the Testing branch announcement. Don’t post about Stable if it is not related.

Create a new topic in the Help section.

My answer is no, sorry.

Last stable update announcement (2023-08-11) was closed early this morning and a new announcement not posted yet, but a list of packages has been published on github
Manjaro 2023-08-29 Stable Update ($917) · Snippets · GitLab

Considering manjaro-release has been updated to v23.0.0 on all branches, new ISOs are probably due for release too

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Am I supposed to receive these updates while being on the stable branch?

Yes it happens often that the Stable Announcement is made AFTER the packages are released, indeed.

If there is no open thread in Stable Announcement this is even clearer, someone pushed the update on Stable, and closed the old thread, and didn’t create the new one yet because lack of time or an oversight.


Nice, the 2023.08.29 stable update solve this issue, cpu on use 100%,

No issue, everything went smoothly

Having problems with pamac since the update. I’ve refreshed my mirrors but pamac won’t find the official repos. it will only find official repos (extra) and (core) +aur. Community and main repos are missing, I’ve attached a couple of screenshots to try and show what is happening


Think its related to the other pamac issues already posted so will try the downgrade archlinux-appstream-data

libpamac 11.6.2 should fix that. Report back.


Thanks Phil, all good now just needed to log out and back in but that’s it. :+1: :+1: