[Testing Update] 2022-04-04 - Mesa 21.3.8, Blender 3.1.2, Xorg-Stack, Haskell, Python

Mesa 22 works well for me on Intel too. Is it necessary to downgrade it? @philm

You already answered your own questions. :wink:


I retract that statement. After waking from suspend, I am having graphical glitches, including flickering desktop wallpaper and faulty Plasma widgets. I will downgrade Mesa for now.

We published some REVIEW-ISOs. Please check: Release 202204051020 · manjaro/release-review · GitHub


I switched from Stable to this, everything seems fine so far, but sometimes after starting or restarting my PC the login screen is rendered in 4:3 in a very low resolution on both my screens.
But after login it seems to resolve itself. (Also sometimes after a shutdown an start the login screen is just normal 16:9)

Might your issue be related to mesa needing to be downgraded?

I have an issue with VA-API, vainfo gives me this:

libva error: /usr/lib/dri/iHD_drv_video.so init failed
vaInitialize failed with error code -1 (unknown libva error),exit

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@Morialo First install intel-gmmlib and then install intel-media-driver …both individually. To verify if things work, run vainfo.

Note that the mentioned approach didn’t work for me and I had to downgrade both the packages. See [SOLVED] iHD Hardware Video Acceleration Fails / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums.

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Same as you re-installation didn’t help, I’ll wait and see if an update will fix, thanks a lot for the confirmation.

I have mesa 21.3.8-1 installed, also I didnt expirence any other issues like low performance in games,
its just sometimes when I start my PC that the login screen is 4:3 with a relatively low resolution, but after I login and the KDE loading screen finishes(or while it still loads not sure) it scales back to 16:9 4K as usual.

Also I think not 100% sure, Freetube broke after the update but reinstalling(or switching to the freetube-bin instead of freetube version from the AUR) fixed it. Buy maybe just killing freetube in the taskmanager would have been sufficient, not sure could also just be an AUR or freetube issue.

EDIT: running sudo pacman -Syuu didnt downgrade mesa(just nvm, node version management). So its not related to a more recent mesa version.

Can confirm: community.db for me also down with 403/4 errors (with the germany servers; worldwide servers are ok)

Update: community servers are back! :smiley:

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Same here. The file community.db ist listed in the servers file list (see manjaro.moson.eu for example) but a click on it gives a 404 error.

Hm, now it’s working again.

i installed the new stable update 15-4 today. Same error with vaapi.

i updated intel-media-driver from 22.2.2-1 (manjaro package) to 22.2.2-2 from ala.
Now vaapi works with mpv.

sudo pacman -U https://archive.archlinux.org/packages/i/intel-media-driver/intel-media-driver-22.2.2-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

I just downgradedintel-gmmlib 22.1.2 to intel-gmmlib 22.0.3, and VA-API works fine for now, no need to downgrade intel-media driver 22.2.2-1 to earlier version, just waiting for a fix here.

Today’s update of intel-media-driver to 22.2.2-2 fixes the issue regarding iHD.


What is happening with testing updates? Two weeks have passed and there were no updates. Maybe this was because of Easter business?

I’m starting to get library confliucts with some AUR packages, which usually doesn’t happen with testing. Now the system is becoming a bit too obsolete. Or has the Arch being updated? Somehow I doubt it.

Go to Unstable if you need it. Or stop updating AUR packages that require system libraries to be on par with Arch Stable. AUR isn’t supported so it is up to you to manage this situation.

Pro tip: update your AUR packages when an update lands, hold them until new Manjaro update comes. And if it is critical to update your AUR packages, see my first sentence.