[Testing Update] 2022-02-09 - Kernels, Haskell, Cutefish 0.7, Deepin, Firefox, Maui 2.1.1, Systemd

Indeed, it looks like I had to (re-)install nvidia-dkms. With that, pamac removed the 495.46 package and re-installed nvidia-dkms and nvidia-utils for driver 510.47.03.

However, it was not able to remove the kernel module properly, the kernel complained about kernel module 510.36 not matching 510.47.03 in the dmesg output.
As a consequence, I got no graphical desktop.

Reinstalling nvidia-dkms using yay in the terminal seems to have fixed that now, fortunately.

Thanks a lot!

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This is random error because of Nvidia driver (apparently it never does that without Nvidia driver installed). There is no solution, sometimes it does that on reboot/shutdown, sometimes it doesn’t, completely random with no workaround (you could read many attempts with “solutions” but in reality there is no solution to my knowledge).

//EDIT: For the warnings on fallback image creation, I’m using a good fix (I’m doing that since long time because it cuts down image creation a lot, especially when you have multiple kernels): I change the preset of each kernel to only build the default image, and NOT the fallback image :rofl:

Example for /etc/mkinitcpio.d/linux515.preset


Why I’m doing that is also because I never had to use the fallback kernel image, and the day I tried it didn’t even boot :clown_face:

thanks for the update, my sddm-greeter was dumping core on boot/start after the last one

Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction :+1:

Indeed, there appears to be a solution provided by Jonas Malhaco Filho here FS#63697 : systemd 243.0-1 poweroff/reboot umount errors

So what does that mean?
Create a script with the following contents

# Remove all Nvidia modules on shutdown
# to avoid errors like
# [35509.312925] sd-umoun[56020]: Failed to unmount /oldroot: Device or resource busy
# [35509.317505] sd-umoun[56021]: Failed to unmount /oldroot/sys: Device or resource busy
# [35509.322349] shutdown[1]: Failed to finalize file systems, ignoring.
for MODULE in nvidia_drm nvidia_modeset nvidia_uvm nvidia
rmmod $MODULE

Name this script, for example, nvidia.shutdown, make it executable as usual and place it in /usr/lib/systemd/system-shutdown.

Another version of this script was provided by Ivan Layapunov: FS#63697 : systemd 243.0-1 poweroff/reboot umount errors

Done. Error messages gone :slight_smile:


OK then there might be a solution now. Need to try this in the long run to confirm it works (the issue is sporadic on my system, most of the time I don’t have the issue, but once in a while it does it).

Anyone getting unusually high CPU usage when opening tabs in Firefox 97.0.1?

you mean :point_up: anyway can`t confirm this issue

No. This is the Testing Update thread. :wink:

This update fixed the issues I had here: [Testing Update] 2022-02-06 - Kernels, Pamac, Cleanups - #16 by sdwolfz

Thanks @dvgme for pointing out dash-to-dock!

I think they always wait for the first point release. So you’ll never get the 5.24 update, but you will get the 5.24.1 initial bugfix. I wish they weren’t this careful on testing, but I guessI could switch to unstable!

Yup, you always have the option to do that if you have the pressing need to try out Plasma 5.24 right now. I just remembered that it’s typical of Manjaro team to wait until the first couple bugfix releases before pushing a new Plasma version to testing and eventually to stable. :smile:

@philm after this update kmail crashes when opening a GPG-encrypted message:

This is upstream. The workaround is to downgrade qgpgme to v1.16.0-3.

@philm , even with the new messagelib kmail is still buggy.
After updating messagelib to v21.12.2 and qgpgme to v1.17.0, the encrypted emails are correctly opened, but another bug causes kmail to crash as soon as you start typing the recipient’s address.

Anybody else experiencing this?

For me the workaround is to dowgrade both the packages and stick with messagelib 21.12.1 and qgpgme 1.16.0.

i have checked for orphans

sudo pacman -Qdt

gnome-common 3.18.0-4
kvantum-theme-matcha 20190810-1
kvantum-theme-matchama 20191118-1

sudo pacman -Rs gnome-common
vérification des dépendances…
:: lv2 peut nécessiter python-pygments: for lv2specgen.py

Paquets (10) autoconf-archive-1:2021.02.19-4  glib2-docs-2.70.3-1
             gtk-doc-1.33.2-1  intltool-0.51.0-6  itstool-1:2.0.7-1
             mallard-ducktype-1.0.2-8  python-anytree-2.8.0-5
             python-pygments-2.11.2-1  yelp-tools-41.0-1  gnome-common-3.18.0-4

Taille totale supprimée :  38,84 MiB

is it safe to remove all, base is Xfce , but i would like to be clarify before doing any thing about this list

Yes, the Kvantum themes are no longer in the repos and gnome-common is only required for building packages.

For me, there was, interestingly, a few more:

Pakete (89) autoconf-archive-1:2021.02.19-4  docbook-xml-4.5-9  docbook-xsl-1.79.2-7  expect-5.45.4-2  gcc10-libs-1:10.3.0-2  glib2-docs-2.70.3-1  gtk-doc-1.33.2-1
            intltool-0.51.0-6  itstool-1:2.0.7-1  mallard-ducktype-1.0.2-8  mhwd-amdgpu-19.1.0-1  mhwd-ati-19.1.0-1  mhwd-db-0.6.5-21  mhwd-nvidia-510.47.03-4
            mhwd-nvidia-390xx-390.147-2  mhwd-nvidia-470xx-470.103.01-1  python-anytree-2.8.0-5  python-beaker-1.11.0-8  python-mako-1.1.6-3
            python-markupsafe-2.0.1-3  python-pygments-2.11.2-1  python-tomli-2.0.0-1  python2-apipkg-1.5-5  python2-atomicwrites-1.4.0-3  python2-attrs-21.4.0-1
            python2-backports-1.0-3  python2-backports.functools_lru_cache-1.6.4-1  python2-configparser-4.0.2-2  python2-contextlib2-0.6.0.post1-3
            python2-funcsigs-1.0.2-3  python2-importlib-metadata-2.1.1-1  python2-iniconfig-1.1.1-1  python2-more-itertools-5.0.0-2  python2-pathlib2-2.3.6-1
            python2-pluggy-0.13.1-4  python2-py-1.10.0-1  python2-pytest-4.6.11-1  python2-scandir-1.10.0-3  python2-wcwidth-0.2.5-3  python2-zipp-1:1.1.1-1
            v86d-0.1.10-5.1  yelp-tools-41.0-1  yelp-xsl-41.1-1  amf-headers-1.4.23-1  celt-0.11.3-4  chrpath-0.16-3  dejagnu-1.6.2-2  dmd-1:2.098.1-2  eigen-3.4.0-1
            ffnvcodec-headers-  gcc10-1:10.3.0-2  gendesk-1.0.9-1  glfw-x11-3.3.6-1  gnome-common-3.18.0-4  gobject-introspection-1.70.0-5  gtest-1.11.0-3
            lapacke-3.10.0-1  libcmis-0.5.2-9  live-media-2021.08.24-1  mesa-demos-8.4.0-7  mhwd-0.6.5-2  nasm-2.15.05-1  opencolorio1-1.1.1-3  openh264-2.2.0-2
            python-colorama-0.4.4-6  python-contextlib2-0.6.0.post1-6  python-distlib-0.3.4-1  python-lockfile-0.12.2-11  python-msgpack-1.0.3-1
            python-nose-1.3.7-14  python-numpy-1.22.2-1  python-pep517-0.12.0-4  python-progress-1.6-5  python-protobuf-3.19.4-1  python-resolvelib-0.5.5-4
            python-retrying-1.3.3-13  python-toml-0.10.2-7  python2-numpy-1.16.6-1  python2-pytest-runner-5.2-4  qt5-quickcontrols2-5.15.2+kde+r11-2
            sof-firmware-2.0-1  thunar-gtk3-2019.08.15-1  vulkan-headers-1:1.3.204-1  xfce4-dev-tools-4.16.0-1  xmlto-0.0.28-4  xosd-2.2.14-10  yasm-1.3.0-4
            zita-alsa-pcmi-0.4.0-1  zita-resampler-1.8.0-1

So far, it looks like there is nothing essential remaining in this list so I removed these packages for good:

sudo pacman -Rs $(pacman -Qtdq)

A heads-up, your workaround has been added to Nvidia-Utils package so when next update comes to Testing for those who applied this workaround, there will be a file conflict. Simply remove the file and it will be recreated automatically.

PS: @Yochanan on a side note I would sanitize the comment in the file to have one line for the description (currently on two lines like in original message here), this is just cosmetic but it is bothering me :clown_face: (and I would also make generic xxx timestamp/processID too)

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└[~]> yay -Syuu
:: Synchronizing package databases...
 core is up to date
 extra is up to date
 community is up to date
 multilib is up to date
:: Starting full system upgrade...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
:: manjaro-pipewire and pipewire-alsa are in conflict (pulseaudio-alsa). Remove pipewire-alsa? [y/N] Y
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: unable to satisfy dependency 'pipewire-alsa' required by manjaro-pipewire
 -> error installing repo packages