[Testing Update] 2022-01-17 - OpenSearch, Kernels, KDE, Cinnamon, Pipewire, Mesa

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That’s most likely normal - ATM 300Mz is fairly rare.

I use a 240Hz monitor only 120Mz is supported on a Radeon Pro WX7100 using AMD pro driver from AUR

So you’re saying it’s a driver issue “firmware maybe?”, since it working with the other older kernels.

Without blaming Manjaro, its developers etc., I just want to mention, (just for info) that with this update, games with higher graphical demands (e.g. ETS2, ATS) and games via Proton (e.g. The Binding of Isaac: Repentance) are lagging sometimes a bit, sometimes heavily, sometimes not at all.

Nvidia 495.46 on GeForce GTX 1060 6GB OC1, Intel i7-7700K, Xfce and Linux 5.15 here.

Before this update, everything was fine.
(I do NOT want any assistance to fix this, I just wanted to inform others … i’m sure, with another updates, these issues may disappear again).

As mentioned here, linux 5.16 causes BTRFS cleaner to hog the CPU on file systems mounted with the autodefrag option.
I have been running it for 14 hours now and it does not get better at all - I could try to balance the file systems, but that could take time.

My suggestion is to disable that option and try to enable it with the next kernel, to see if the issue is fixed. If you use SSDs, the fragmentation should not be that much pain.

Minor issue, but qbittorrent is ugly after this update. This is because it got ported to qt6, and the breeze/breath themes don’t support qt6 yet.


it is, for icons you can play around with icon themes, or maybe in settings set it to follow system theme. I’m using a dark theme and it all went painfully dark. setting it to follow system theme with dark breeze icons restored it somewhat

It already had picked up my system icon theme and colors. It just doesn’t follow the correct styling for menus, dialog boxes, fonts, etc.

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No issues on 4 different laptops, 3 KDE, 1 Sway.

Given all the defrag issues with btrfs in 5.16, it might be wise to hold off on updating the kernel until it’s ironed out:

  • One byte files cause an infinite loop
  • defrag gets stuck in an infinite loop

Updated to kernel-516 but although I added GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="nowatchdog loglevel=3" to /etc/default/grub and write blacklist iTCO_wdtblacklist iTCO_vendor_support in /etc/modprobe.d/watchdog.conf, and sudo update-grub, the watchdog did not stop still seen when reboot


Try with

blacklist iTCO_wdt
blacklist iTCO_vendor_support
blacklist sp5100_tco

Thanks! But it does not work. Is it because changing HOOKS=udev to HOOKS=systemd in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf?

I do not know, but you can try to change it back. base, usr, udev, resume as default HOOKS.

Try AUR (en) - qbittorrent-qt5 :wink: (can’t comment on the safety of installing this “fork” though, seems like it is owned by the same guy as on the GitHub), the usual YOLO attitude, at least qBittorrent is back to proper state (beside my favorite quick options on right click hidden behind the new ‘torrent options’ menu…): qBittorrent 4.4 - Album on Imgur, on both screenshots, it is qBittorrent 4.4, same list of torrents scrolled down to bottom, same torrent selected, see the UI differences between QT 5/6, don’t mind the difference about the columns I didn’t rearrange both version exactly the same but you get the idea).

There isn’t really a theme problem, it is more of a scale problem, they reduced even more the size of everything in QT6 4.4. but theme on my side is basically the same (OK I can see a micro issue on one or two elements).

But did you do mkinitcpio -P after you had edited watchdog.conf?

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did not understand why to make any changes to watchdog.conf if

why to setup a turned off component?
may be just to try to find a proper kernel cmd line option to turn it off?

On KDE my bluetooth devices don’t show up in the widget/plasmoid. I have to go to the config, try to connect, it returns an error but connects for a split second, and then devices show in the widget and I connect normally. I also updated to kernel 5.16.1 so maybe that’s it.


Try other kernels, and see if issue is also on 5.15/5.10/5.4 kernels or only on 5.16.