[Testing Update] 2021-06-16 - Kernels, Alsa, Cinnamon, Deepin, Pamac, Plasma, KDE Gear, Frameworks, Browser. LibreOffice

I’m running cinnamon without any issues on testing branch. Is there anything in any of your logs? Could be something as simple as a desklet or applet crashing cinnamon

Cinnamon 5.0 is still getting updates that fix bugs all the time.
The current status used by myself is always on unstable.
This is my productive system - that’s why I make sure that it works out of self-interest :wink:

As a DE, this only applies to Cinnamon - for the other DEs I can’t guarantee that.

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libreoffice still and fresh are not launching in my system with amdgpu drivers in testing with plasma wayland, I have not tested on x11, the terminal doesn’t give any relevant error:

qt.qpa.wayland: Wayland does not support QWindow::requestActivate()

Is the only output I get but libreoffice works on another system with plasma wayland manjaro with stable and the error is here too.

I have tested still packages too and the same, the logo appears and after tthat won’t launch.

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I’ve noticed high power consumption with Linux Kernel on Manjaro KDE
also fans keeps running with CPU-Freg set to the slowest,
I switched to Linux Kernel 5.12.10 and every thing seems fine
CPU: Intel i5 8250u
GPU1: intel UHD 620
GPU2: AMD 530

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I just noticed that in Manjaro Settings → Hardware Configuration, I have no Nvidia driver ticked as installed, but I properly have Nvidia drivers installed, and they properly update with the system updates (like two minutes ago I made the update to Nvidia 470, the thread is not created yet for it). I eventually right clicked the video-nvidia and clicked Install, and it then ticked it as installed like it should have been (it skipped the reinstallation and finished with a success message).

It is not the first time I notice this issue, last time it was when the multiple packages we had before were removed and replaced with one legacy driver and latest driver only available.

Not sure why it appears as not installed in Manjaro Settings at some point but something happens somewhere and it makes it like that.

Just ran todays update (a large 1.5gb) . Everything updated ok with “Transaction successfully finiashed” but I was given an error

Error while configuring manjaro-keyring
Error while configuring manjaro-keyring

Is it safe to reboot or do I need to try and fix the keyring error first

Got an update today here as well. There were, fortunately, no errors, only one of the PGP keys got updated.

For the last three weeks I have not received any “big” updates via my usual orders with pacman and yay.
I ran the command “sudo pamac update” and there, I received 231 updates with an uninstallation of “mediathekview” because java-runtime=15 is not in the repositories which breaks some dependencies.
How come the updates by pacman and yay were not getting any updates?


Perhaps your mirrorlist was outdated, or there was at least one of the mirrors in the list not synced correctly.

Today, I was just surprised the other way around: There is no announcement of any testing update post 16 Jun 2021 but all of a sudden, yay fetched a full system update this morning.

As I was not able to find the corresponding announcement here in the forum, I was firstly even afraid that I might have been infected by malware but so far, I could not notice any unusual behavior of my box here.

Stop panicing please and wait for the announcement to post your feedback. You don’t have to upgrade immediately you know.

You may also correct your profiles, one is using unstable, one stable, yet we are in testing territory.

Thanks a lot for making me aware. Just forgot to change that setting - the default appears to be “stable” when you are joining the forum.

The latest update brought kernel version 5.13, nice.
However, it doesn’t appear to have the fsync patch yet. So if you use this in games, best disable it for now, or you’ll face performance degradation.

I just updated to the latest testing sync (July 1st) and no issues to report so far. It went smoothly.

What’s that fsync patch all about?

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Potentially improving the frame rate on multithreaded games, but it’s not mainlined. It has to be patched separately.

Too bad. By saying that it’s not mainlined you mean that it won’t be added to the official linux unless the maintainers accept it?