[Testing Update] 2021-02-24 - Kernels, Plasma 5.21.1, Frameworks 5.79, Firefox, Thunderbird, Python

My update is failing due to the new rEFInd package it looks like:

looking for conflicting packages…
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing refind (0.13.0-1) breaks dependency ‘refind-efi’ required by refind-theme-maia

Will the ISOs be updated to OSDN ever since or after now all ISOs will be placed in Github?

I still have monitor icons on my side. I’m not using default icon theme though. Your icons seem not broken, it is not a monitor icon, but seems like a real icon (paper sheet with one corner folded), representing the orientation.

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It shows for me. It is called the same as the other one (localization are not made for the name Legacy Application Launcher), preview image help to see which one is which.

Question is how did you install it (and is it properly installed?) and how do you try to switch to it?

Never mind, it suddenly showed up.

Had weird locale errors not setting on CTYPE and LC_ALL.

Ran $ sudo locale-gen and the problem was fixed.

Bootparamter, - temporary workaround:

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Anyone Testing over Gnome and Nvidia graphics?

had to switch back from mesa-git to mesa to get the system updated.
mesa-git and lib32-mesa-git from aur where able to get build and reinstalled manually (just changed the required llvm version from 11.1.0 to 11.1.0-1 in both PKGBUILD files)

Yeah, I still don’t know if this is an intended change. Guess I could check in a live environment.
The icons used to be a wireframe picture of a landscape.

Edit: You were right, it’s the Breath2 theme! Breeze Dark shows icons of a monitor instead.
@philm We need some better icons for Display Configuration in Breath2 :grin:

Maybe a title “Theme” would be nice to fill the weird empty space.

I believe @bogdancovaciu created that theme and might be of help there.

Updated some stuff

Not quite a creation, but slight modifications to an existent one … :slight_smile:


Plasma and framework update went fine. No bigger issues and only small regressions. It’s a solid and stable release, so there is no need of withholding it for too long into stable.

See my opinion in details:


I have only tried UFW, but I am having issues with plasma-firewall using a standard user, if I try to change anything it does not ask for an admin password, so no changes are made. The only time it asks for an admin password is enabling and disabling the firewall.

The only issue I have recently is an odd behaviour of udisk’s naming of my SSD. Usually it was Samsung_SSD_850_EVO_M_2e2_500GB_%serialnumber% but suddenly became
Samsungx20SSDx20850x20EVOx20M_2e2x20500GBx20x20x20x20x20x20 x20x20x20x20x20_%serialnumber%, even in apps like Gnome Disks. Then it turned back to normal. Weird…

@bogdancovaciu Speaking of Breath2, with the introduction of the complete redesign of Kickoff (the default application menu), a little bug with the theme appeared. Nothing extremely major, just a little bit of cosmetic adjustment would be needed.

The user’s name is not readable, being black instead of white (which is the color I kind of expect). Here’s the comparison with Breeze Twilight.

Breath 2

Breeze Twilight

EDIT: Mmh, notification titles seem to be affected by a similar problem too, perhaps with the same root cause? You can barely read “Network Management”.


Thanks, I also saw this.

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Seems to happen on first launch of Pamac after boot.

@koshikas can you confirm?