[Testing Update] 2021-02-10 - Kernels, AMDVLK, Palemoon, Firefox-dev, Firefox, Haskell, Python

Thanks - moveing the files in question to *.old made the update work though.

Well if one doesn’t speak german why not do a # pacman -R man-pages-de instead? :stuck_out_tongue:

With the --overwrite parameter, you can define which files are allowed to be overwritten with the update:
pacman -Su --overwrite "/usr/share/de/man1/*.gz"

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Its definitely nemo that’s broken in the update, I think its nemo-preview 4.8.0-4 that’s the problem

Edit tried downgrading nemo-preview and nemo-python no joy. Nemo just won’t respond unless it’s launched as root

Kernel 5.10.15 just appeared on the Stable channel - was this intended?

Looks that way. See here

Had the same issue. I resolved it with this:

pacman -S --overwrite "*" psmisc

i have theses orphans

sudo pacman -Qdt
alsa-card-profiles 1:0.3.21-1
go 2:1.15.8-1
kvantum-theme-matcha 20190810-1
lib32-alsa-oss 1.1.8-2
lib32-lz4 1.9.3-1

you could try ```
sudo pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qtdq)

The problem with relying on pacman -Qdt output is that it ALSO lists some packages installed when you built something from AUR. For example, go package was likely pulled for building some app written in Go language. So if you remove it, next time when there’s an update to your AUR app, it will be pulled and installed again. So if you have some apps which are usually built from source, it might be a better approach to leave make dependencies installed and mark them explicitly installed so they won’t be listed when querying with -Qdt flags. That’s usually are boost, rust and go. To mark them, issue sudo pacman -D --asexplicit <packagename>

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For me too, your command helped. Thank you.

I’ve figured out the issue with nemo and the latest update but have no idea to fix it. No matter what theme I run I get the following gtk error

Current gtk theme is not known to have nemo support (CBlack) - checking…

and it just hangs there until I have to fc nemo. I’ve tried every theme there is and its the same issue, I have to select a theme so nemo and the desktop are unusable


Seems megasync was the issue, removing megasync and nemo-megasync plugin fixed it

Hello folks,

can someone explain briefly why we insist on having the nvidia-uvm module removed from Nvidia driver 390?

    # Fix compile problem with 5.10
    # FATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module nvidia-uvm.ko uses GPL-only symbol 'radix_tree_preloads'
    msg2 "PATCH: disable-module-nvidia-uvm"    
    patch -p1 -i "$srcdir"/disable-module-nvidia-uvm.patch

If I understand the comment correctly, there was formerly a compile problem due to a GPL issue. As I cannot reproduce this problem here anymore (driver compiles well with nvidia-uvm included), I am just wondering why it is still necessary to have the nvidia-uvm module removed from the linux510-nvidia390xx package.

Is it safe to do? Won’t it change package ownership of those files which could cause similar issue in the future? I’m just asking, because I don’t understand how this package ownership works.

@philm, what is the advised solution? Move to .old, overwrite or any will do? Or maybe wait for the upstream fix?

I’m using video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-prime, and since this driver update (460), I can’t run any game or blender. I’ve tried changing the kernel to LTS, fully uninstalled and installed steam, deleted all installed games (but later found that other 3D applications were affected). The AMD (Vega) GPU runs flawlessly.

You could have posted an example log, you know.

All seems well here on KDE/AMD (besides needing --overwrite "/usr/share/man/de/man1/*.gz" of course)

Thanks! So I had a hunch that it can cause issues, and it does.

which one do you want?