[Testing Update] 2020-01-11 - Mesa 19.3.2, KDE Apps 19.12.1, Gnome, Cinnamon, Pamac 9.3b2

Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what I was talking about.
Hope that it will be fixed soon, downgrading is not an option for me.

I get it my friend. But my eyes are more important to me than software features.
Anyways, I've upgraded again and then just downgraded the plasma packages and from that I confirm that the problem is within plasma-workspace, now this is my only downgraded package and the fonts are clear and crisp.
Also, there is bug reported with the same/similar issue:
but I have tested that workaround with the symlink does not work on Manjaro.
For those who have a problem with the fonts rendering I recommend downgrading the plasma-workspace package to plasma-workspace 5.17.4-1.


What a relief! Thank you so much. I had't realised how I was tired of this until I downgraded. :eyeglasses:

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I can also confirm that a downgrade of "plasma-workspace 5.17.4-1" solves the problem.


In reply to everyone saying they downgraded plasma-workspace, just a reminder: Partial upgrades/downgrades may cause system instability and are not supported.

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A patch has been released, for the 5.14.1 branch of Qt (qt5-base package) :


It may help with this issue

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Thank you, I think we are all aware :slight_smile: but also a reminder that upgrading plasma-workspace can cause eyes strain, fatigue, headaches, blurred vision, double vision and so on.

We will add that patch ...

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After the upgrade of plasma-workspace and the patch for qt5-base, I can confirm that the fonts are all good. Thank you @philm

local/qt5-base 5.14.0-1.1 (qt qt5)
local/plasma-workspace 5.17.5-1 (plasma)

I never noticed anything wrong with fonts on my laptop.

Me neither.

Laptop? It was easy to notice that on an external FullHD display. Laptops' screens are quite small to notice the irritating effect.

I don't know what might be the trigger for this. Maybe the resolution or something else.
But this reported as bug also in KDE, so there was definitely a change in the fonts rendering.
After the QT patch, all is good.

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