[Testing Update] 2020-01-06 - Pamac, KDE-git, Linux419-Extramodules, Haskell

The update went smooth, but after which my fonts displayed on all screens are randomly and slowly fading from clear to blurry. Not an issue before the update.

pyrex is a dependency of compiz-manjaro in the extra repo but is no longer in the Testing or Unstable branches.

It looks like compiz in the AUR removed its pyrex dependency in February of last year when it was updated to 0.9.14. It is likely that either the dependency will need to be reintroduced to keep the 0.9.13 version, or manjaro-compiz needs to be updated.

Also noted in this thread.

I have just verified with zoom (which did not ask me to install dependencies beforehand), and it did build the package, then asked for my password, then installed the package.

Which is fine, since building a package in itself does not require elevated privileges (like you can use makepkg to build a package without any kind of special privileges).

I tried a case where you actually have to install dependencies before building the package (in my case, I tried with vokoscreen), and it asked my password before building the package in order to install the required dependencies, which is what I expected to see.

So yeah, everything seems to be in order to me.

Actually, I have i3wm installed in the same system using a different user and the same thing persists with or without compositor. It's clearly a problem on Nvidia's end, it has been reported to them but there is no indication that they're working on the fix yet.

I thought it was PERFECT already!!??:kiss:

I still have the problem with kernel 5.4 and aft-mtp-mount, but now I know I'm not alone: aft-mtp-mount fails under Linux 5.4: "fuse: reading device: Invalid argument" Because linux 5.3 is EOL I now had to back to 4.19 for easy file transfer between the laptop and the android phone.

Recently reinstalled Manjaro KDE stable minimal 18.1.5. The ISO is fine but the Time Zone is no longer automatically set itself based on location when connected to the internet like in the previous ISOs but an American Timezone is selected by default but I don't reside in America.

I've to check again if geoIP had a change ...

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