[Testing Update] 2019-12-14 - Kernels, Virtualbox 6.1, Mesa 19.3, Qemu 4.2

Don't use pamac then. Just use pacman or any AUR helper with pacman command wrapper like yay or trizen until Manjaro team include that repository to their mirror list. I think pamac will overwrite /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist if you're doing a mirror refresh.

Regarding pamac, in my opinion, pamac (especially the GUI) are too obstructive, slow, and annoying to use. I don't get why it always trying to update and sometimes re-download the package database every time I access the Updates tab. It's counterproductive and also wasting time and bandwidth. Pamac needs a lot of UX improvement to be honest.

I still have tons of python2 packages and when trying to remove them, they want also remove calibre, inkscape and many other apps :frowning:

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You can't just yank dependencies out from under programs. You should figure out what programs you use that depend on Python 2 and start there. Are they moving to Python 3 anytime soon? Are there alternatives not using Python 2?

Kodi, popcorntime, rambox, ...

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Google Play Music needs gconf, and so on...

Back In Time now seems broken due to python 3.8 incompatibility...

@Yochanan Yeah I'm just not familiar with the way of how similar apps are made. It's hard to describe. TY

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Translation: Any Electron app that includes an older bundled version of Electron.

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Back in Time works on my side it seems. What exactly is broken?

It's already reported:

Thing is, it just fails to start.

update python-pyqt5 to its latest version 5.13.2-8 maybe it'll solve the problem, prior versions had a missing symbol in the dbus module and broke a lot of apps (I noticed it because firewall-applet stopped working).


I found what seems to be the new (?) pamac logic for mirrors (parameters). Select your country, "press refresh mirrors list" on the same page, the mirrorlist file get update accordingly and the country selected will then stick.

There is a very nasty HDMI audio bug in linux 5.4.3-1. The volume is distorted and stuck at 100%.


I almost had a heart attack. I just got a new tv-monitor and I thought I broke it already. :scream_cat:

linux54-5.4.3-1, linux54-nvidia-440xx-440.44-2, Nvidia GTX 780


Well kernel 5.4.4 is out, is it fixed in that? I would read the change notes myself but meh, Iā€™m lazy today :grin:

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No, for me 5.4.4 from unstable is still doing the 1000% distorted volume.

linux54-5.4.4-1, linux54-nvidia-440xx-440.44-4, Nvidia GTX 780.

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I wonder if the bug is in the kernel itself or in the NVIDIA non-free drivers. If I understand correctly, the bug happens when you use the HDMI port on your graphic card as your audio output.

Does it do the same thing if using a different NVIDIA drivers, for example 418.XX?

Edit: I put it in the wiki post of the most recent Testing update thread, as it could be a pretty unpleasant surprise to have.

Edit 2: Perhaps changing the NVIDIA drivers won't change anything. On this bug ticket, it seems that the issue can be fixed with this single commit in the Linux kernel.


This is what they did on Arch Linux.



according to the bug that is linked in the arch thread, it is in the kernel:

Is it in upstream kernel, or Arch backported the patch in their own kernel?

the other link, that you now too saw, shows that they applied the patch that is still pending in upstream kernel.
@philm could also include that patch, or wait for the patch to be applied upstream.

Switching to 418 drivers does not fix the HDMI audio.

the HDMI fix made it into Manjaro's 5.4.5 kernel:


will virtual box be upgraded in stable ? no copy / paste in testing and unstable :confused:

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