[Testing Update] 2019-11-22 - Kernels, Mesa 19.2.5

Hi, I am from stable branch, but today I however received the new grub. But seems that the hook has not been triggered (is located at /usr/share/libalpm/hooks/99-grub.hook). It's content:

Type = File
Operation = Install
Operation = Upgrade
Operation = Remove
Target = usr/lib/modules/*/vmlinuz
Target = boot/vmlinuz*

Description = Updating Grub-Bootmenu
When = PostTransaction
Exec = /usr/bin/update-grub

From pacman.log:

[ALPM] upgraded grub (2.04-7 -> 2.04-8)
[ALPM] transaction completed
[ALPM] running 'systemd-update.hook'...
[ALPM] running 'texinfo-install.hook'...

There is no track of grub.hook.

@philm could you please comit the kernel 5.3.12-1 in gitlab?

i don't see a matching nvidia 440 package for the new 419 kernel. was that not needed this time?

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OK now I know the issue. I missed 440 for 414 and 419. Seems I've to update my scripts. Also Mesa will be updated.


Looks great. The desktop is very responsive and quick (Xfce, Kernel 5.3.12). No issue with Steam and Wine (Nv 440). Move to the fast Brave v1.0 browser and it's even better.
Thanks philm, The Mangy Man.


Oh sorry for my French. Philm the Man...jaro Man. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I'm getting some regression with recent updates over Kernel 5.3, since the 5.3.10.
I'm getting random freezes in the system with time duration between 0.5 ~ 3.0 seconds.

If I go back to 5.3.10, the freezes stop.

Does anybody have the same issues?

There is talk about some freezes related to intel graphics: Manjaro Keeps Freezing Temporarily and Randomly

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I updated the nvidia drivers for linux419 and linux414, updated Mesa to 19.2.6 and added some fixes to Octopi.


You must install, upgrade, or remove a kernel to trigger 99-grub.hook.

thanks for the comit of kernel 5.3.12 but the aufs patch file aufs5.3-20191021.patch is missing in the comit.

Will push it later.

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I received this update 2 times. The exactly same packages. Why?

I think you got mesa 19.2.5 and then mesa 19.2.6

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it'ok with Xfce ( Gtk3+) + linux5.3.12 + nvidia440.33 + Steam(opengl) +youtube(1080p x 60fps in avi01 --https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXb3EKWsInQ) 45% - 55% cpu (all cores )

it'ok update-grub

Ah ok, thanks. I forgot read all the thread.

All smooth and fine here. Thanks guys.

I just noticed that in startup, after selecting Manjaro in GRUB, I get a message "starting version 4.14.153-1." I checked inxi after logging in, and it shows I'm running kernel 4.14.155-1-MANJARO.

EDIT: I just realized it was saying version 242.153-1, which is the systemd version. Admin please feel free to delete this comment.

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