[Testing Update] 2019-08-11 - XFCE, KDE, Pamac, Python

Perfect update via tty.
LXQT with kernel 5.2 and AMD free running great as usual.

It's rc3, of course.

No issues.
From time to time I build linux53 from daily commits + snap patches, it works fine on my side. Looks like it'll be a great LTS kernel.

Seems ready for stable from my side.

So kernel 5.3 will be LTS ...
Great news!

Is seems so. By the time this kernel comes out, also KDE Applications maybe reach v19.08? (and not RC). It's worth the waiting :slight_smile:

What if I did the update already without it? I assume I need to reinstall it with overwrite, like:

sudo pacman -S libbloom --overwrite usr/lib/libbloom.so.1

Am I correct?

The only problem detected is that VLC ( in Arch upstream and may freeze the system and affects the version of this update. If you want to have a look at the debug log, feel free. The Snappy version doesn't have this issue, which seems to me to be a problem for the maintainer of this package to review.
DEBUG LOG: https://pastebin.com/f4H1DG0X

Kernel 5.1.21-1 is the last release for 5.1. It should really now be purged from Manjaro Settings Manager Kernel options list as nobody should be installing it now nearly two weeks after it being announced EOL.

Kernel 5.3 rc3 is running fine on both my machines, no problems with modules or stability.

@LeandroCunha what are you doing with VLC when it freezes the system? I have been listening to my music with it and it's been working normally with no freezes. If you state clearly how to reproduce the issue then more of us may be able to provide the data needed. Even a link to the open bug would help.

The only use case I see for EOL kernels is that such kernel could be a working option if something wrong happens with those which are being updated periodically. AFAIR there were such situations when upstream updates broke Bluetooth on some PCs, now imagine if PC stops booting due to some kernel update. I'm just trying to think up some hypothetic issue. That's why keeping EOL kernel(s) may be useful.

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I just did this update [KDE+Cinnamon system], logged into Plasma. I did it in Pamac-GTK. It completed fine. It was a very minimal change:

[2019-08-12 11:10] [ALPM] upgraded vlc ( ->
[2019-08-12 11:10] [ALPM] upgraded pamac-tray-appindicator (8.0.4-6 -> 8.0.4-7)
[2019-08-12 11:10] [ALPM] upgraded pamac-gtk (8.0.4-6 -> 8.0.4-7)
[2019-08-12 11:10] [ALPM] upgraded pamac-cli (8.0.4-6 -> 8.0.4-7)
[2019-08-12 11:10] [ALPM] upgraded pamac-common (8.0.4-6 -> 8.0.4-7)
[2019-08-12 11:10] [ALPM] upgraded libnghttp2 (1.36.0-1 -> 1.39.1-1)
[2019-08-12 11:10] [ALPM] upgraded ffmpeg (1:4.2-2 -> 1:4.2-4)
[2019-08-12 11:10] [ALPM] upgraded dav1d (0.3.0-1 -> 0.4.0-1)
[2019-08-12 11:10] [ALPM] installed libplacebo (1.18.0-1)
[2019-08-12 11:10] [ALPM] upgraded zstd (1.4.1-1 -> 1.4.2-1)
[2019-08-12 11:10] [ALPM] upgraded bison (3.3.2-1 -> 3.4-1)

Afterwards, i ran needrestart. To my amazement, it reported waaaaaaaaay more stuff than i'd anticipated, based on this tiny update [& though today i've not rebooted, when i did the 2019-08-10 Testing Update yesterday i did reboot]:

[sudo] password for kdemeoz: 
Scanning processes...                                                                                               
Scanning candidates...                                                                                              
which: no iucode_tool in (/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/bin/site_perl:/usr/bin/vendor_perl:/usr/bin/core_perl)
Scanning linux images...                                                                                            

Running kernel seems to be up-to-date.

Failed to check for processor microcode upgrades.

Restarting services...
Services to be restarted:
Restart «NetworkManager.service»? [yNas?] y
Restart «dbus.service»? [yNas?] 
Restart «sddm.service»? [yNas?] 
 systemctl restart NetworkManager.service
Service restarts being deferred:
 systemctl restart sddm.service

No containers need to be restarted.

User sessions running outdated binaries:
 kdemeoz @ session #2: conky[2456,2459,2460,2466,2467], firefox[9560], firejail[4614,9551,19930], fstats[1403],
  gmenudbusmenupr[1108], kdeconnectd[1110], kdeinit5[1040], kio_http_cache_[2044], krunner[1095],
  ksmoothdock[1420], ksmserver[1073], kwalletd5[1006], org_kde_powerde[1487], pamac-tray-appi[1467],
  plasmashell[1097], polkit-kde-auth[1101], rsibreak[1504], startkde[1007], VBoxSVC[24162], VBoxXPCOMIPCD[24155],
  VirtualBox[24134], xembedsniproxy[1105]
 kdemeoz @ user manager service: systemd[998]

Is my surprise misplaced?

I dont think so. It says:

and you did not get the error when updating.

@ kdemeoz

I got 12 + one install, using XFCE, see below.

2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded bison (3.3.2-1 -> 3.4-1)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded zstd (1.4.1-1 -> 1.4.2-1)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] installed libplacebo (1.18.0-1)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded libnghttp2 (1.36.0-1 -> 1.39.1-1)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded dav1d (0.3.0-1 -> 0.4.0-1)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded exo-gtk3 (0.12.7-2 -> 0.12.7-3)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded ffmpeg (1:4.2-2 -> 1:4.2-4)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded pamac-common (8.0.4-6 -> 8.0.4-7)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded pamac-cli (8.0.4-6 -> 8.0.4-7)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded pamac-gtk (8.0.4-6 -> 8.0.4-7)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded thunar-gtk3 (1.8.8-4 -> 1.8.8-5)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded vlc ( ->
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded xfce4-session-gtk3 (4.13.4-2 -> 4.13.4-3)
[2019-08-11 07:41] [ALPM] upgraded xfce4-settings-gtk3 (4.13.8-2 -> 4.13.8-3)

It's the 2nd part of my post which is more important. My posting the packages was irrelevant & unimportant, except in the context of the post's subsequent question.

I know you are and I agree it could pose an issue, however the users that need the kernel will already have installed it and no other EOL kernels are available from MSM so why should 5.1 be any different? Removing it from MSM doesn't remove it from anyone's machine if it is already installed and running.

There are various LTS kernels available to cover legacy hardware and quite frankly if none of those work then the person with the hardware concerned needs to report the issue upstream to the kernel maintainers and get support for their device added back in to one of them or a newer kernel anyhow. Hardware backports happen for LTS kernels so it's not unheard of for support for newer devices to be added to 4.19 or 4.14 for example.

When closing the app in execution with a video or playing another video inside of the software, after these actions, the system freezes and nothing responds. Checked in Arch's bug tracker seems to have nothing about it. This is an abnormal behavior, so it can be considered as a bug. That at the same time may have a cause that is not the VLC.

vlc can't freeze system except if it accesses kernel memory, which I believe don't. It may be graphics driver bug.

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One of my suspicions. The problem does not occur if change the video output.
It gets a black screen in XCB.

and what about compiz ?
you will lost prefs files

Ah right. I checked and I don't have libbloom.so.1 in the system (only symlink with that name) so I guess that's all correct. Thanks.

Amazing job BTW, I'm using this release candidate as one of my daily drivers and It's been working great so far, no issues at all!

Manjaro KDE rc8 will ship with Discover by default? I've used it and enjoied the time I had with it, it seemed to work flawlessly and no other Arch Based distro... That I know of... Has a graphical installer available by default.
Should you do that, it will be a deal breaker for so many new users!

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