[Testing Update] 2019-08-10 - Kernels, Fpakman, Certbot, Python, 18.1.0-rc8, KDE-Dev

this update is good for me: linux52+zfs+nvidia+cinnamon

No issues to report with this update.
LXQT+kernel 5.2+AMD free

All 3 Demon Machines™ updated without issue.

  • KDE/linux52/AMDgpu
  • KDE/linux52/nvidia(non-free)
  • Mate/linux53/intelGpu


No issues anymore on my gnome desktop. An issue I had with colors of virtualbox interface resolved with kvantum-theme-matcha 20190810-1

No new issues here on 2 KDE machines. Looks fine.

It's Ok for Xfce(Gtk2+) + Steam(OpenGL)+Nvidia + vbox

Pamac locked up with a screen showing the updates but a grayed out "Apply" button. Would not quit with the corner button or Close from Panel. Had to reboot and then get new mirrors because of "error cannot update databases" trying to run update in Terminal. Then run [sudo pacman -Syyu] Solved.

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did you do this @beardedragon? I usually wait until 3 of the 4 mirrors for my locale are synchronised so there is a redundancy for the package manager to fall back on and avoid partial updates or errors updating databases due to dropped connections to a single updated mirror.

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uh Duh, I think I said that "Had to reboot and then get new mirrors because of "error cannot update databases" I thought the Pamac should have already updated the database. I will always use Terminal or TTY2 from now on.

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that's as maybe but there's a difference to rebuilding the mirror list and checking if the mirrors are synchronised before trying to update. If they weren't when you ran pamac after it alerted you then it will spit out those errors usually caused by a synchronisation of mirrors under way when it checks for itself what is available. that's why i always check what octopi thinks is a full update set is actually completely ready for download and install on the repo website before committing to an update.

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Would you @philm release VLC update (version released today? I have problems with video output (unknown the causes) with this software, I would like to check if it has been fixed. Apparently VLC is not present in this update. Most importantly it is crashing in the machine (Plasma with Nvidia).

@ micsim35
Your chronology is wrong. Pamac Froze, no warning, no errors, just froze, could not stop it or make it do anything. The error came when I tried to run pacman in terminal while the pamac was still on the screen. Then I rebooted, started terminal and ran pacman-mirrors etc.
P.S. I do not like octopi

Even about Pamac developing tray with QT support to signal better when has update in Plasma notification area. It would be interesting for to make it default on version 18.1.0.

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That version is just a rebuild against a library. I'm afraid it will fix anything

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I saw that it was a rebuild, but as I said the cause of the problem I still don't know. I will be continuing the investigation of the cause.
This version is now present in

However, this update does not resolve the issue.

Thank you for the advice to avoid partially updates.

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Just want to let you know that I love 18.1.0, it's much better than 18.0.4 because:

  1. Option to select office package during installation.
  2. Most of bloatware (duplicated office apps, Microsoft stuff, tons of development utilities that average user will never run, etc.) is removed for good.
  3. pamac instead of octopi. Just great.

I also hope that once a stable version is released, it will be possible to remove bloat from previous installations (made using 18.0.4). Now, I can't even remove stuff like QT Designer and similar because I get a warning that doing so will also remove Dolphin file manager and tons of KDE stuff. So I need to live with this crap, which (thankfully) doesn't exist in RC version anymore.

sudo pacman -Rdd (package name)

use with care as it only uninstalls named package so check for orphans afterwards.
Note once the package is removed Dolphin won't be an orphan.


@Robin0800, thank you very much. Will try later today.

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