[Testing Update] 2019-06-10 - Kernels, KDE Frameworks, KDE-Git

Using VLC is not a satisfactory solution for me. But it is fine. I will stay with Nvidia 418.74 for now. My workflow is more important than a higher version number.

The only cuda program is have works fine, no issues.

I have no luck getting the 5.2 kernels to boot, flashing hyphen or underscore in the corner now, before it was Failed to load. If you call that progress?

I have no internet with kernel linux5.2-rc4


~] >> sudo mhwd-kernel -l
available kernels:
   * linux316
   * linux318
   * linux414
   * linux419
   * linux420
   * linux44
   * linux49
   * linux50
   * linux51

5.2rc4 working fine, zfs 0.8.1 now supports it.

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