[Testing Update] 2019-05-07 - Kernels, Gnome, Calamares, Grub, Manjaro-Tools, Haskell, KDE-Dev

Nothing but running # mhwd-kernel -i linux51 and reboot on it.
Errors while starting X [ 7.342] (WW) Failed to open protocol names file lib/xorg/protocol.txt into last xorg.0.log.
I gave a part of the return of journactl -b1
Back to linux50.

May be:
you do not need r8168
IF exists: /etc/modprobe.d/r8169_blacklist.conf
THEN comment it out or rename it; reboot
IF Network works - o.K.
ELSEIF Network net works - its blöd, You need the r8168 module....

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Hey @philm,
After a countless number of reboots (god bless kernel EFISTUB and luks-tpm2 for speeding things up) I have to say the following:
Current grub 2.03.6 from Testing and Unstable has some wrong default parametres in GUB_CMDLINE_LINUX like rd.udev.log-priority=3 and loglevel=3. The 1st one - as Manjaro uses udev hook by default - has to be written like udev.log_priority=3 (without rd, which is for systemd hook, and using underscore instead of hyphen). The second one is useless at all and additionally it breaks silent reboot with quiet option, making such garbage messages like watchdog0: watchdog didn't stop appear right before the system reboot. I'm saying "reboot" because this loglevel=3 affects only reboot screen. All in all, to make boot silent one needs just quiet udev.log_priority=3.
audit=0 thing is OK, it has no impact on quiet (re)boot.
After having a look at the current state of grub.default I realised that you haven't been informed about this yet. That's why I am saying this.

However (after some further testing) I've found out that loglevel=3 is quite useful for hiding reboot/shutdown messages when bootsplash is used instead of quiet option (without bootsplash-show-on-shutdown.service enabled). Like ...bootsplash.bootfile=bootsplash-themes/xiaomi/bootsplash udev.log_priority=3 audit=0 loglevel=3.... For quiet it is, as mentioned before, quiet udev.log_priority=3 audit=0.


This is not necessary for grub commandline parameters. They are interpreted the same AFAIK (Grub Manual).

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my grub file in etc/default
only has quite and resume
no loglevel and any other thing

I will adjust our default settings. Seems we need other values as Arch provides on their end.

You are not merging pacnew files.

The current default is

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet rd.udev.log-priority=3 audit=0 loglevel=3"

audit=0 loglevel=3 was added in this lastest grub update.

This also suppresses ACPI error messages (it is harmless) on my system when booting 4.14.

its a fresh install no so pacnew

Do you have grub-2.03.6-3?

yup its new iso on testing with latest grub.

Did you update in live environment before installing? Maybe pacnew files got left behind. If not, this seems like a iso packaging issue.

i made a new iso using manjaro-tools so it has latest grub

and here

Could not find the program 'kfmclient', says plasma when I try start konqueror.

hello , many update on kernel.org since 2 days

Can somebody explain to me why you guys always want the newest kernels? Is that a hobby? Please switch to unstable to test the lastest. 419, 50


just because this time kernel.org has pushed 3 version updates in 3 days ...
including 5.1.1 ( first update )

Why do you think we skipped some kernels? Cos we know beforehanded when upstream will release stuff. Sometimes we developers don't focus on the kernels ... You can simple follow me, Bernhard or Stefano on what we are currently working ...


you can always git clone https://gitlab.manjaro.org/packages/core/linux51.git, modify the PKGBUILD and build it on your own.

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My only motivation during the late April was to try and see if upstream had incorporated patches which were meant to solve 2 problems I was plagued with. Also it was kinda fun to tinker with your kernel PKGBUILDs guys. As for switching to unstable, it gives me more time for testing some new stuff and reporting issues which may happen from time to time.

As for kernel updates, I totally agree with Greg Kroah-Hartman

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