[Testing Update] 2019-04-25 - Gcc, Kernels, Qt5, Kde, Deepin

... because you forgot one 's' in both dir names :wink:

Yep, just realised that myself, was about edit... stand by...

Okay, turns out accountsservice owns /var/lib/AccountsService
whereas /var/lib/accountsserice is unowned.

Strangely enough (although clear ID10t error) accountsservice has been happy to access - read from, and initially write to - that folder tree (var/lib/accountsservice) and hence stopped bugging me. :dizzy_face:

You must have created it at some point, likely accidentally. If an earlier version of accountsservice would have used it, pacman would have removed it during an earlier update.


Date corresponds to the 0.6.53 update.

Flawless update on two KDE computers, thanks!


xplayer apparently has stopped working with the gstreamer 1.16.0 update. We have tried to address the issue upstream but the unhelpful reaction of the developer, whom I have already experienced as being just as grumpy, unhelpful and rude as this time in the past has led me to remove xplayer from the repo and from the Cinnamon edition's package list.
Please use vlc or another player of your choice instead.
If you really like xplayer I'm afraid alternatives from the AUR unfortunately won't help since the outdated version 2.0.0 available there also crashes and the -git version doesn't build with it's AUR PKGBUILD :wink:
Altogether I have the impression that this piece of software isn't alltoo popular anyway, since @schinfo apparently is the single person who even noticed that it has stopped working. Also in the AUR I don't see any interaction or complaint since months ...


Just as a pointer, insulting or reflecting perceived aggression from the upstream developer isn't the most tactful approach.

We get plenty of similar reports on the forum ("here's a screenshot") but there are enough people helping to be able to drill down to the actual cause.

Reporting a bug upstream should always follow "best practice" and provide as much relevant detail as possible. Reporters should try and make it as easy as possible for the upstream developer.


From my side I have this:

warning: directory permissions differ on /var/lib/AccountsService/icons/
filesystem: 775 package: 755

Maybe at some point I did a wrong permissions change, don't know.

It is still in the stable community repository:

It seems that the package came from Archlinux.

Well, @schinfo did provide information about the package changes that caused the crash and I pointed out that the package had alread been rebuilt against latest gstreamer.
Using language like

A screen shot of some lame package manager doesn't provide anything!!

isn't exactly friendly and patronizing behaviour like this no matter in which context I find disrespectful and unacceptable.
After some previous experience with this person's hostile communication in the past I am not willing to deal with him more.


@oberon, @schinfo, seems reporting a bug upstream has to follow some rules. Especially on the Mint bug tracker. If the package is not popular we can also drop it. Normally we may also look at the ABI changes of the new lib or see if Ubuntu added a patch. Most likely this will take longer and might not be in our interest at all.

I was thinking about changing that aswell when I saw the actual upstream change but didn't see that warning during installation on my end.
I will in any case add this dir's permission in manjaro-system, too.


Thanks, but don't most Manjaro packages come from Arch?
So, maybe it was dropped from Arch, and therefore dropped from Manjaro?

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@oberon: seems to be a solid package set. So maybe weekend stable snap?


Sounds good I think :slight_smile:
Also testing branch needs some cleaning out while unstable is being spammed with kernel rebuilds right now... :grin:


Seems it was moved to AUR just yesterday

First Submitted: 2019-04-26 09:00

Indeed all nice and dandy now :smiley: Thanks a lot !
(waited till now on another install)
==> adjusting file permissions for Accountsservice 0.6.55

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Thanks. I used the AUR version for years, it moved to community (which, I suppose is why it was also picked up by the Manjaro community repo), and I guess back in the AUR.

Note this comment:

hcartiaux commented on 2019-04-26 13:10

Not in community anymore ?

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Great! Thanks for the confirmation! :slight_smile: