[Testing Update] 2019-03-23 - Gnome, LibreOffice, Mesa, Budgie, Browsers, Qt

Please update vhba-module to 20190302 as requested here: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/please-update-vhba-module-for-kernel-5-0/79744 to fix the problem described here: [Testing Update] 2019-03-11 - KDE Frameworks, AMDVLK, LXDE, Glib2 :smiley:

I’m on stable and got the plasma framework / thunderbird updates right now. no problems so far :slight_smile: thx. but was this a mistake, to push this updates also to stable branch? because philm postet it here in the unstable branch. no post in announcements or stable about those patches

Sometimes we update stable to get needed Bugfixes faster. So all is good in that regard.


yaourt and all packages depending on it are now removed from unstable and testing branches.


Update went cool… running smooth and fine in my testing KDE manjaro laptops. Thanks.

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Thanks a lot for bringing GNOME 3.32 !
I changed from stable to testing and did

pacman -Syyu

On first login it did not make it to the desktop. gnome-shell crashed. After reverting back to stable I disabled all extensions, and upgraded again to testing. That did the trick.

Working on finding out what extension made gnome-shell crash.

Mär 26 12:01:31 rivendell gnome-shell[968]: Extension "cpufreq@konkor" had error: TypeError: this._construct is not a function
Mär 26 12:01:31 rivendell gnome-shell[968]: Some code accessed the property 'ScrollablePopupMenu' on the module 'scrollablePopupMenu'. That property was defined with 'let' or 'const' inside the module. This was>
Mär 26 12:01:31 rivendell gnome-shell[968]: Some code accessed the property 'PopupExtensionItem' on the module 'popupExtensionItem'. That property was defined with 'let' or 'const' inside the module. This was p>
Mär 26 12:01:31 rivendell org.gnome.Shell.desktop[968]: **
Mär 26 12:01:31 rivendell org.gnome.Shell.desktop[968]: Gjs:ERROR:gi/object.cpp:1347:void ObjectInstance::associate_js_gobject(JSContext*, JS::HandleObject, GObject*): assertion failed: (!wrapper_is_rooted())
Mär 26 12:01:31 rivendell org.gnome.Shell.desktop[968]: == Stack trace for context 0x557beb54a260 ==
Mär 26 12:01:31 rivendell org.gnome.Shell.desktop[968]: #0   557beb820778 i   resource:///org/gnome/shell/ui/panelMenu.js:15 (7f8622c68670 @ 59)
Mär 26 12:01:31 rivendell org.gnome.Shell.desktop[968]: #1   557beb8206c0 i   resource:///org/gnome/shell/ui/panelMenu.js:98 (7f8622c689d0 @ 90)
Mär 26 12:01:31 rivendell org.gnome.Shell.desktop[968]: #2   557beb820608 i   /home/nazgul/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/extensions@abteil.org/extension.js:35 (7f86200873a0 @ 152)
Mär 26 12:01:31 rivendell org.gnome.Shell.desktop[968]: #3   7ffcdc401790 b   resource:///org/gnome/gjs/modules/_legacy.js:82 (7f8622db98b0 @ 71)

The problem was not the “old” cpufreq extension (which fails to load in 3.32), but this extension called “extensions” leading to the gnome shell crash

My advise: Uninstall all third-party extensions before upgrading, then upgrade GNOME and install the latest version of the extensions only if the support 3.32
The latest “extensions” extension works on Gnome 3.32

[Testing Update] 2019-04-07 - KDE-Dev, Akonadi, Manjaro-Tools
[Stable Update] 2019-04-03 - Mate, KDE-Dev, Cinnamon, Deepin, Browsers
[Testing Update] 2019-03-27 - Kernels, Gnome, LibreOffice, Mesa, Budgie, Browsers, Qt
[Testing Update] 2019-04-01 - Mate, KDE-Dev, Cinnamon, Deepin, Browsers, Systemd
[Testing Update] 2019-04-05 - Kernels, Deepin, Systemd, Plasma5, Python, Haskell
[Stable Update] 2019-03-29 - Kernels, Gnome, LibreOffice, Mesa, Budgie, Browsers, Qt
[Testing Update] 2019-04-06 - Kernels, Thunderbird, Firefox
[Stable Update] 2019-04-20 - Nvidia, Kernels, Deepin
[Stable Update] 2019-04-28 - Gcc, Systemd, Kernels, Virtualbox, Qt5, Deepin
[Testing Update] 2019-05-07 - Kernels, Gnome, Calamares, Grub, Manjaro-Tools, Haskell, KDE-Dev
[Testing Update] 2019-05-11 - Kernels, Deepin, Plasma, Haskell, LibreOffice, Calamares
[Testing Update] 2019-05-12 - Systemd, Kernels, KDE-Dev, Deepin, FF-Dev, Haskell, Bash
[Testing Update] 2019-05-13 - Linux52, KDE Apps, Haskell, Gnome Extensions
[Testing Update] 2019-05-15 - Deepin, Mesa, Linux316, XFCE
[Stable Update] 2019-05-17 - Kernels, Grub, KDE, Deepin, Gnome, XFCE, LibreOffice, Bash, Systemd
[Testing Update] 2019-05-22 - Kernels, XFCE 4.14-pre1, Virtualbox, LibreOffice
[Testing Update] 2019-05-29 - Kernels, XFCE, Deepin, Mesa, Nvidia, KDE-Dev
[Testing Update] 2019-05-30 - Octopi, Deepin, ff-dev, XFCE, Haskell, Pre-ISOs
[Testing Update] 2019-06-01 - Kernels, Xorg-Server, FF-Dev, Haskell, Python
[Testing Update] 2019-06-02 - ZFS, Deepin, KDE-Git, Haskell, Python
[Testing Update] 2019-06-06 - Kernels, Browsers, Octopi, Calamares, Python, Deepin
[Testing Update] 2019-06-08 - KDE-Git, Browsers, KDE Apps, Mesa, Haskell, Python
[Testing Update] 2019-06-09 - Matcha, i-nex drop, pamac-qt
[Testing Update] 2019-06-10 - Kernels, KDE Frameworks, KDE-Git
[Testing Update] 2019-06-17 - Kernels, KDE Plasma, Browsers, XFCE, Deepin, Nvidia, Haskell, Perl
[Testing Update] 2019-06-20 - Kernels, KDE Plasma, Browsers, Mesa, Qt5
[Testing Update] 2019-06-24 - Kernels, KDE Plasma, Texlive, Haskell, Python
[Testing Update] 2019-06-27 - Kernels, XFCE, Mesa, Plasma5, Systemd, Cinnamon, XFCE
[Testing Update] 2019-06-28 - Apparmor, Kodi, Pamac, XFCE
[Testing Update] 2019-06-30 - Systemd, Pamac 8.0, AMDVLK, XFCE, KDE-Git, Octopi
[Testing Update] 2019-07-07 - Qt5, Browsers, Upstream rebuilds

Thanks for the report.

But I doubt compatibility with extensions that comes from outside official repositories is something Manjaro (or any distro, honestly) will take into consideration though, since it isn’t something officially provided by Manjaro’s repositories.

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I experience a Latte bug after this update.
(Latte) AppMenu is not working/showing at all.
On Latte dock edit mode, plasmoids are not in edit mode (no popup with remove, move etc. choices), on click on AppMenu, Latte dock crashed.
I have the git Latte packages. @psifidotos ?

Considering filing an enhancement request for the shell because a bogus extension is able to take down an entire desktop session.

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in order to move and configure applets you can use the “Rearrange and configure your applets” toggler button in editing mode, it is just above the Maximum Length ruler.

For the AppMenu issue I have no idea what is the reason of this…

New interface or I missed it? :smile: You are always improving!!
So Latte dock is fine! :+1:
I am looking at AppMenu now for any reset. I confirmed it happens with another user account as well. Now the old issue with AppMenu+WindowTitle co-operation came up again. No local settings file to delete, so I am investigating. Any advice is appreciated :wink:

you may can add your findings in the discussion here : https://github.com/psifidotos/applet-window-appmenu/issues/53

if this is the same issue…

something happened with latest Arch updates, users reported that previous AppMenu version v0.3 also does not work correctly even though it was before.


Updated the wiki post with additional information:

  • Warning that extensions can break so bad it make Gnome Shell crashes (with a real case to support that), and guidances to make the upgrade smoother. Better be honest and warn that it can happen.
  • Added that allservers, pacli and pacli-jwm got dropped too (alongside yaourt).

Man, this post is becoming so long, it is already longer than the annoucement itself. lol


Update went through without issues. After reboot I ran journalctl -f and noticed lots’s of

dbus-daemon[852]: [system] Activation via systemd failed for unit ‘dbus-org.freedesktop.resolve1.service’: Unit dbus-org.freedesktop.resolve1.service not found.

which I managed to resolve with

systemctl enable systemd-resolved.service

Edit: Just noticed this is the wrong update thread, my post is in relation to the updates which came in yesterday.

Could it conflict with openresolv? I mean, could using systemd-resolved and openresolv at the same time cause a problem?

It’s OT here, but i just wanted to congratulate you [again]. That your great work has now become a standard part of the Plasma ecosystem is a well-deserved testament to your clever creation & support. Yay you.


Don’t know I am afraid, if there’s anything to test I am happy to do so.

Everything went well on Manjaro KDE side. No issues.

thank you ! :slight_smile:

Plasmashell is still crashing when you try to “configure audio volume” in systray.

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