[Testing Update] 2019-02-10 - KDE Apps, Gambas, Qt5, VirtualBox, LibreOffice, Wine, Firefox



Well, there are few reasons for GM:

  1. Better use of screen real estate
  2. Design (without it we get empty, often non-symmetric spaces that serve no purpose and MIGHT offend someone’s taste - moa :wink: .
  3. Design again, windows get cleaner and minimal look.
  4. GM works best with upper panel which is typical for Linux setups, so we get non-windows design and feeling, while non GM setups work best with windows alike layout, which doesn’t create this unused stripe next to unused stripe next to another badly unused stripe which happens with upper panel. However, there is a setup that has windows alike look, but there is an invisible upper panel that becomes menu panel when maximized so you save space for titlebar.
  5. GM invokes a feel of integration of apps with the desktop and you know they are native and cooperating apps, not any wine-wrapped monstrosities that won’t have GM.

But of course this is above all a personal taste. I can understand dislike this ever changing, confusing, awkward element. GMs can feel like that so if you don’t get the pros like above, all you are left are those mixed emotions of understanding that it’s good for real estate but you absolutely don’t like how it looks and works.

Luckily Plasma gives us freedom to chose whenever layout we prefer. I hate when we have no choice (Unity - forced GM, Gnome - force no GM). Linux is about freedom so currently Gnome feels not fully like Linux but more like a proprietary systems like Android.


Well, the development of Gnome 3 has focused on a certain type of user experience (like tiling wm). It is a risky proposal that contributes its own usability philosophy. Some like it and others (like me) find it debatable, although at certain extremes it can be interesting. In my case, I prefer a type of desktop environment that does not interfere with my work and allows me to configure it to my liking, such as Plasma or Xfce. The Gnome proposal is not the problem. In itself it is a contribution that enriches the infinite debate about the desktop metaphor. The bad thing would be that this proposal was the only one :wink:


It turned out it’s not that well with LO 6.2 and I found pretty disturbing issues with it, so it’s not that ready to ship stable:


i just starting having this same issue with plasmashell and also latte dock, and also tracked it to system tray.
i am on unstable branch and already have framework 5.55 and plasma 5.15.1 with QT 5.12.1 and kernel


Upon a fresh boot I still get this issue, not being able to launch apps, but for my system config if I go into System Settings -> Icons and re-select Oxygen Icons (ie select other icon theme, then re-select Oxygen icon theme and click Apply) it fixes my issue.

This survives through suspends, but needs to be done each reboot. This is slightly annoying, but still better than being forced to use Breeze or Papirus flat icons … :face_vomiting: .


i use kvantum and for the icons i use custom ones but this still happens for some reason
hope it was reported already

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