[Testing Update] 2019-01-27 - Kernels, Browsers, CertBot, Deepin, Wine



Yes, but I believe only briefly. I got:

warning: systemd: local (240.275-1) is newer than core (239.303+really+239.6-1)

I am successfully running it on two of my three testing laptops. The third, I had to downgrade.


Ok for Xfce ( gtk2+) + video + Steam (openGL ) + systemd ( really-239.6 )


everything fine here, kde on intel cpu and graphics.


Nothing to say so far. I didn’t received that much stuff though.

I guess if no one has problem with it, it could be pushed to Stable as it is.

Yes. It appeared briefly.


I am with it, I mean systemd-240.275


All working fine on XFCE with Linux 4.20.5.


Ok, there is an issue which I did not notice at first:

nautilus: error while loading shared libraries: libexempi.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

ibexempi.so.3 now is libexempi.so libexempi.so.8 libexempi.so.8.0.0 but no mor .3 version so Nautilus-legacy won’t even start at all.

@Ste74 are you still patching that or shall I give in and use normal nautilus?

Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

No issues with Manjaro KDE, NVIDIA, Kernel 4.20.5-1 and BtrFS so far. Great!


Only in Unstable for now according to the mailing list. We’ll need to import this package in Testing before pushing stuff in Stable.


Thanks a lot - just manually loaded nautilus-legacy from unstable and it works a charm! Could be synced to testing I would say - so no trouble with stable downstream =)


Ok, so if I understand correctly, it means that @philm could just cherry-pick nautilus-legacy without problem then?

Did you just updated completely with the Unstable branch or you just picked the package alone?


Na I am still on “testing” as a whole - just manually loaded that one package that @Ste74 updated from “unstable” repository on philpot and installed it manually for the time being (cant tell how much I hate the useless STAR tab)


When the xfce desktop icons get shuffled on reboot, is that a quirk of updating gtk-update-icon-cache or per still an unknown mechanism? This happened to me again and I only know of 1 way to reproduce it: change the panel “row size” to some value (or then back to the original value) and then reboot.


Welp I was wrong I guess.

Another user reported that xviewer (Image viewer used notably on Manjaro Cinnamon) needs a rebuild against the new version of libexempi. I confirm this issue on testing. @oberon

[awesome@i56400 ~]$ xviewer
xviewer: error while loading shared libraries: libexempi.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I usually use Pix, so I didn’t noticed it at first. Thanks @kainonergon for your vigilance.

According to pacman -Sii exempi, this is every packages that depends on the exempi packages (it provides the library):

caja  eog  eom  gnome-photos  nautilus-legacy  nemo  tellico
tracker-miners  xviewer

Only nautilus-legacy and xviewer are maintained by Manjaro devs, so we should be good on Testing once we get rebuild for those two packages.


OK. Rebuilding…


You can see my speculation here: [Testing Update] 2018-11-12 - Cinnamon, Deepin, Tesseract, KDE Framework with some links to xfce bug reports. (There may be more to it, or I may have added 2+2 to get 5 somewhere.)

The best workaround I have found is to ensure that there is only one ~/.config/xfce/desktop/icons.screen0-*.rc file at any given time (changing the row size probably created another) and to occasionally back up this file to another location, like after desktop changes. Then if hit by an icon reshuffle first try log out/log in and if that does not work remove all icon.screens files and replace with the backup. If there have been changes since the backup, e.g. new icons, some minor reorganisation might be necessary but it should be pretty close.


I may have inadvertently modified the panel (and hence its size) by fooling around with the xfsettingsd script that runs 3 times on v18 while troubleshooting an unrelated notifications issue. I had that startup entry disabled and ended up with a boot with the default adwaita theme – this may have registered as a “modification” from the previous saved panel.

I seem to recall this reshuffling quirk being around for a long time…curious why it hasn’t been resolved yet. I suppose we’ll know if gtk-update-icon-cache is to blame if we get another shuffle report when this package hits stable…


Thread about the new, unannounced kernels. 4.19 and 4.14 works fine on my side.


So, hum, I guess Stable waited long enough. Except maybe the new kernels we got yesterday, we got plenty of time to test out the newest stuff available here and it seems to be okay now?

Perhaps it can be pushed to Stable very soon?

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