[Testing Update] 2018-11-18 - Pamac



I pushed some more Cinnamon fixes to testing and unstable. Also take a look at the Matcha theme, which is more adjusted for v4.0 version of Cinnamon.


With pamac 7.3.0-2 package, Pamac got kinda worse than before.

Now, when checking for updates in the GUI, sometime, it just hangs at a certain percentage and stays in that state pretty much indefinitely. In that situation, you can’t do anything beside forcing Pamac to close. I got this bug both in VMs (Cinnamon and XFCE) and with real hardware (Cinnamon). It happens when I try to check for updates in GUI with any of the following methods :

  • Open Pamac GUI, then click on “Updates”;
  • Use “Software Update” launcher in my application menu;
  • Use pamac-manager --updates in a terminal.

Pamac CLI doesn’t seems to be affected by this problem: pamac update/upgrade and pamac checkupdates seems to work well.

So far, having AUR support + updates enabled or not doesn’t matter on my side: Pamac may hang in both cases.

This is the only information I have for now.

@philm @guinux


Seems I knocked out Cinnamon via these packages. As I don’t know which of them, I reverted (only pushed the packages without testing any - don’t use that desktop at all). However, you may still find them here.

For Pamac I used now commit bae9e08. If that is also not the case, we have to see. Most likely introduced via fe77a26. @frog: thought of a git-bisect? All packages here.

Search for updates hangs at 22%

I don’t get any hangs with 7.3.0-2 on Xfce 4.12. Clicking on tray icon or launching Software Update from whisker menu.


Hi, just dropping by to say a few things:

  • No problems with the update
  • XFCE on testing branch seems a lot faster now
    -It uses a lot less resources than ever before (better than KDE which i dearly miss)
    -Maybe because I disabled swap? Oh I don’t know.

Thank you.


Just rebooted my Cinnamon desktop and guess what it rebooted fine and I am using it now.


Same on OpenBox everything running smooth :slight_smile:


@Frog: was it only a glitch in the Matrix or do you still have issues with v7.3.0-2 or v7.3.0-3?


here’s a follow up discussion :slight_smile:


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