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What to do with this:

atention: libnm: local (1.12.0-0) is newer then extra (1.10.10-1)
atention: libnm-glib: local (1.12.0-0) is newer then extra (1.10.10-1)
atention: networkmanager: local (1.12.0-0) is newer then extra (1.10.10-1)

should I downgrade, or as say in the header remove this packages?


I had to downgrade libnm, libnm-glib and networkmanager.
Beside that everything went fine on gnome.


Downgrade, is the answer. The remove is about version 1.12.0-0. :wink:
“sudo Pacman -Syuu” in terminal.


I noticed this after the latest update that my laptop doesn’t shut down properly. I can manually turn it off. I’ll have to see if it is just the 4.17 kernel. I might need to update XFCE panel to gtk3


there’s something not quite right with the mirror checker. it seems to be stuck on 3rd July 2018 for some reason. I went to check if today’s updates were available from the servers in my mirror list and got the output below. They are all green but the date and time shown for the latest status or mirrors generation is a bit concerning. So is it the mirror check completely frozen or still updating the status without altering the date and time stamp?

I’ve tried clearing browser cache, it makes no difference. neither does loading it in FF instead of Chrome.


my bad. Should be fixed now. Please check in 20 mins.


Not related to this particular update but I have to remind that command not found package have to be recompiled with newer boost.

~ >>> chk
cnf-lookup: error while loading shared libraries: libboost_system.so.1.66.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
zsh: chk: command not found
~ >>>


Why is networkmanager downgraded ?
edit: probably because of the problems described in this previous thread


If you are not experiencing any issues you don’t have to downgrade it.

No issues for me, so no downgrade required.


I tried out different kernels and my laptop shutdown ok. I went back to 4.17 and it worked fine as well. Probably just one of those things


When is kernel 4.18rc3 coming out?


2018-07-01 look
https://www.kernel.org/ :wink:


Shouldn’t I worry about it not getting Manjaros team a go first? I will try and compile it from source. Thanks


My build-bot will finish in 15 mins anyway …


I’m satisfied with 4.17.4, build only for Linux-Mint itself


Well it has been some days now that Mr Torvalds released 418rc3 and said we could have a go at it, so I am very willing to try it as rc3 should be stable enough… Not sure about the 418rc2 release though that is why I am asking…


I have been running 4.18rc2 (xfce nvidia) without problems. Guess you will never know? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Currently missing formatting for me. At least: no colours, no ability to sort the list of mirrors, button to refresh the list missing and the tick and cross icons are replaced by text ‘Up to date’ and ‘Out of date’ respectively.


Nevermind I have compiled it from AUR ;p

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